Extreme Automation: Why We Should Let Machines Do Our Jobs

Popular media is always telling us how robots and machines are going to take our jobs. But what if this isn’t bad? Perhaps we should welcome it with open arms. This article will look at why we should let machines do our jobs instead of humans. Look at how automation can help humanity as a whole and how it can help us get what we want in the end.

When we think about how things work today, we still have a lot in common with how things worked in the past. Some of us aren’t waiting for surgery anymore. We’re also sitting in cubicle spaces, like cogs in a wheel or servers in a network cabinet, like we are in a wheel. Doing work that makes us happy isn’t the norm for most of us. Work that feels like it comes naturally to us isn’t what we’re doing at the moment. And this is where automation can help us out, as well.


Humans can’t stay still for long periods with their eyes staring at the same place. They also can’t move for hours simultaneously in the same way. When we work in an industrialized society, our bodies aren’t built to do the kind of work that our bodies were made for. In many ways, our technological progress has far outpaced our physical development. Disruptive technology makes it hard for us to think about how we’ll feel when we use the new technology.

When we let machines do the boring, difficult, and dangerous jobs, we free up humans to do the best things, like creative work, problem-solving, and working with other people, which are the best at. When we automate things, we can also free up more time for things we enjoy, which can help us live longer, happier lives.

So, we should let machines do our jobs instead of us. We should be grateful for the help they give and use their skills to help people.

If robots or machines take over our jobs, people think a lot about what we would lose. It’s not so scary or bad as it sounds, though!

We didn’t get to where we are today by nature; we had to work hard. Traditionally, we didn’t change much so that today we could do what we are today. We can do it because of technology. Inventions made it possible for us to do it. So, I think that the actual value of humanity is not in our ability to do the work that we do now but in our ability to come up with new ideas and make new things.

I don’t mean to say that our work doesn’t have value. There is, of course! Then, we have to ask ourselves: Is this the best way to spend our time and energy? Does this make us feel and look better? Isn’t it good that we can free up time and energy to work on other things instead?

Some people will say that automation will cause many people to lose their jobs. There’s no need for this to happen, though. We can choose to use automation to make our lives better rather than as a way to get rid of people. We can hire people to do jobs that use their strengths, like creativity, empathy, and social intelligence. And we can use automation to free up our time so that we can spend it on the things that matter to us and keep us safe.


The Machines Can Do Our Job Better Than Us

Because we have proof, we can say this is true. Most of the time, robots and machines can do more work faster and more efficiently than humans. In addition, they can also work for more extended periods without getting tired or making mistakes, which is especially true for jobs done repeatedly.

Machines Cannot Be Exploited for Financial Gain.

Employers often take advantage of workers to make more money in our current system. This leads to dangerous and unhealthy working conditions, long hours, and little time for rest or fun. Machines don’t need any of these things to work. They can work for as long as we need them to without complaining about it.

Machines could do our jobs for us, which would free us up to do other, more critical work. If we don’t have to worry about doing things that machines can do, we can spend our time on things that need human creativity and empathy. We can also use our time to do fun things or spend time with family and friends.

Machines Can Help Reduce Inequality

In today’s world, the gap between rich and poor is getting bigger. Many people think that automation is to blame for this gap, but that isn’t true. Automating jobs can help make the world an equal place because employers don’t have to pay robots and machines a salary as people do. In the long run, this will help everyone, but especially those who make a low income or don’t get any benefits.

There is a problem, though. Even though there is automation, employers may choose to make more money than let the extra money go to the bottom line.

It’s time to let machines do our jobs instead of us. There are indeed some risks when you use too much automation. If you look at it this way: But, on the whole, it seems like the benefits outweigh the costs. 🙂 It would be great to tell me what you thought in the comments.

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