Here’s What You Need to Know About Samsung’s Slowing Down of Your Phone 2022

Samsung’s slowing down users’ phones. Find out what you need to know in this article about Samsung slowing down phones 2022: What’s Going On?; Why Did Samsung Do It?; How to Resolve the Issue.

What’s Going On?

People expect chipmakers and manufacturers to make their phones better by 20 to 30 percent each year. There are many reasons why people buy new phones. This is one of them.

Samsung's Slowing Down

If you believe that Samsung put something called Game Optimizing Service on their phones, you’re wrong. It was found that Samsung put this software on their phones.

In the background, this software was running, which made many apps and games slow down. They were the only apps that didn’t slow down.

They use these apps to make sure their phones and other gadgets work the right way.

Why Did Samsung Do It?

It’s important to know why Samsung did this before discussing why it’s a bad thing. It is impossible to use a smartphone without having a specific space. There is only so much space inside a phone, so you can’t put everything inside.

The battery takes up a lot of space, and the chip also takes up a lot of space. Even though chips get more powerful every year, their new Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 is 30 percent faster than their last chip if you listen to what they say.

Many people are not telling you that the chip and battery in most modern phones can’t keep up with new things. If you let a modern flagship chip run at full speed in a normal phone, your battery would quickly run out of juice.

The phone would also get so hot that you’d see a drop in performance even after a few minutes to keep it safe.

This would make it less fun to play a game if this was going on. This is where Samsung’s service to improve games comes in. This is what affects how well your phone works. It stops the chip from ever reaching its full power.

This is done to keep the person safe. Think about it. It’s not very classy for Samsung to do something like this.

The Issue Is

Samsung has a problem with this, but it’s not a big deal. It makes all the numbers that Samsung says are not worth a thing. These are things like:

  • How fast one phone is compared to its precursor.
  • Chipmakers claim that their new architecture brings new benefits.

Imagine that you paid a lot of money for the hardware in your phone, but you don’t even have the option to use it all.

If they changed the name of GeekBench to a normal game app name, like Genshin impact, the phone didn’t know that it was a benchmarking app, so it kept slowing down its speed.

Geekbench no longer lets Samsung devices use their service.

Samsung Slowing Down Phones Report – This Is Not the First Time

It’s not Samsung that’s behind this. A few years ago, Apple was in hot water because it slowed down iPhones. There was even a fine of $113 million. Samsung did the same thing with benchmark scores. OnePlus did the same thing.

Huawei did the same thing on their Mate 20 Pro phone. Xiaomi has done the same thing that we have done now. They did it. The scary about this is that it won’t fix itself.

We’re going to see many more of these chipmakers trying to improve their performance every year. Qualcomm is one of the main chipmakers. After all, that’s how they run their business. Smartphones are getting bigger, but the amount of space inside them isn’t getting any bigger.

People think it’s normal for a chip to be announced with a 20% efficiency boost. This means that you’ll use 20% less energy for every unit of performance. The same chip will also be 30 percent more powerful.

To use this new chip to its full potential, you need more power than before.

How to Resolve the Issue

Is it bad that Samsung has been using this service to make games run better? Absolutely. Samsung’s CEO had to say sorry for this.

Samsung has added an update to its Galaxy S 22 series that lets you turn this off, so you can keep it. But it hasn’t been solved yet. People need to do two things for this problem to be solved,

Samsung's Slowing Down

People might think that phones are faster because they have a new chip. It should cut back on how much cooling it does so that the chip can run at its best.

Make sure the phones work the way they’re supposed to. If they don’t, then the company should not be able to say that.

It’s also essential that chipmakers don’t just work hard to reach their peak performance levels. In this case, they should work more on making a battery-efficient chip that can keep its temperature in check.

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