What is External Backlinks SEO and How Do You Perform an Assessment?

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External backlinks SEO is a strategy that has become more popular in recent years. It is an external link-building strategy that increases the number of links to your website from external sources, such as blogs and news sites.

External links are important because they can help improve your site’s ranking on search engines due to their “weight,” which we will cover in detail later. This blog post will discuss how you can do a preliminary external backlinks SEO assessment for your business or website.

external backlinks seo

Do you want your website rankings to improve? If so, external backlinks are something that will help. To gain attention span around these marketing strategies, this SEO focuses on incoming links from other websites rather than our in-page content or linking outwards with social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

How Do You Perform an Assessment?

There are a few different external backlinks SEO tools that you can use to do this type of assessment. The three major ones include Majestic, Moz, and Ahrefs. However, another external backlink tool called Linkody has been rated as one of the best external link-building services by some internet marketing experts out there to boot.

Suppose your business or website’s primary focus is on getting quality external links. In that case, they recommend Moz or Ahrefs because they have more features for tracking these types of things going forward. On the other hand, if your business or website would be just fine with external backlink assessment and not much else, it might be best to go with Majestic.

As mentioned earlier, external backlinks are essential because they can help improve your site’s ranking on search engines due to external links’ “weight.”

The weight of external links is also known as their PageRank. It helps Google determine how useful a specific website page or post would be for the user. The more quality external backlinks you have pointing towards your webpage, the higher it will rank in SERP results (search engine results pages). For example, Wikipedia has one of the highest numbers out of external link count rankings around today to boot, which means that it must be good if so many other websites want to link to it, right?

Unfortunately, external backlinks do not have equal value no matter what site they are on. Google takes external links from reputable or high authority sites more seriously than external links coming in from low-quality websites that may be spammy to boot. Achieving high link count rankings by obtaining external backlinks from authoritative sources is excellent news for online marketers who want their company’s website to rank among the top search engine rankings like Yahoo and Bing.

There are some negative external backlink considerations out there today too boot such as getting penalized by Google for external links that may be considered spammy or manipulative. Some also think that simply building external backlinks is enough to boost their website’s rankings without any other factors involved to boot which is not true most of the time either. However, as stated in numerous interviews, including this one with Matt Cutts, external backlinks are essential in improving your site’s search engine ranking on sites like Yahoo and Bing.

There are a few external backlink acquisition tactics that you can use to help improve your site’s search engine results page (SERP) ranking, including:

  • Building external links naturally & ethically by sharing other people’s content and generating external link juice through something like social media, for example;
  • Creating valuable external resources such as infographics or ebooks, which you can use on several different websites to boot; and finally,
  • Guest blogging on popular sites around the web where there is an existing audience already in place. However, make sure not to spam any of these external backlinks either since it could get your site penalized instead, which would hurt its SERP rankings over time.

Keeping track of external backlinks can help improve your site’s SERP ranking if done correctly.

There are also several external link building tactics that you can use to acquire new links from other websites to boot, including:

A resource page on your website where industry leaders with lots of external backlinks can add a link, which will help increase yours over time. Finally, ask them to share one of your external blog posts or infographics with their audience instead.

When done correctly, these external backlink acquisition methods work very well because they demonstrate that other niche marketers understand the value of external quality content. As long as you keep track of what kind of external backlinks you’re getting, though, then you should be able to improve your site’s external backlink acquisition as well as its SERP rankings overtime to boot.

There are many external backlink acquisition opportunities out there today that you can take advantage of, including:

Where they have an audience in your industry already and provide high-quality link building services to boot;

Which is another popular platform for generating external links from other websites around the web along with guest posts as well; and finally,

When done correctly, these external backlink acquisition methods work very well because they demonstrate that other niche marketers understand the value of external quality content. The best part about these external backlink platforms is that they allow you to generate external traffic from other websites and build authoritative links for your external backlink profile.

Don’t go overboard with all of this external link building, or you may end up with even more spammy links pointing towards your website! Getting external backlinks is not easy nowadays, but it can help improve your online business’s SERP rankings and its external backlink profile if done correctly.

In Conclusion

External links from reputable or high authority websites are more seriously considered by search engines today than external links coming in from low-quality sites that may be spammy to boot. Suggesting that people who already have a lot of external backlinks to their site add yours instead, which helps build both over time; and finally asking if they would share your content.

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