Upwork: 3 Reasons Why It’s the Best Freelancer Platform

Today, Upwork and Freelancing are almost the same things, but they used to be different. If you say that you’re a freelancer, people think you work for Upwork right away because you say that.

In the end, you can’t blame them either. People who work as freelancers love Upwork. There is no need to believe me! To let the statistics speak for themselves, you should look at them.

In 2020, Upwork made $226.8 million just from freelancers alone. Indeed, a few hundred people won’t be able to help make this much money.

The real question is why.

There are many other ways to compete, like the popular Fiverr Marketplace. There was still only $189.51 million in annual revenue for 2020, which isn’t very much for a company. That’s a lot less than Upwork.

So, why do most people trust Upwork? In what way is this the best place to find work as a freelancing job? For this post, I will answer the question, “Why?”

We’ll talk about the top three things that make Upwork different from the rest. You should read this if you’re planning to work as a freelancer and want to know more about how the platform could help you. Let’s get in there!


1. It Is Up to You Who Your Clients Are

The first thing is that you can choose who you work with. This is my favorite one. Upwork lets you choose who you want to work with and who you want to partner with.

There is a job portal, also called a feed, set up as the site’s main page. Then, when you log in, this feed shows jobs that match your skills. However, you can still use a search engine to find the ones you want.

There are now 145.4 million core clients on Upwork. There are also a lot of jobs from all over the world that are put up every day. So, there are many different types of clients and many opportunities.

Before sending out a proposal, you can look over the job description and the company or client you want to work for. When compared to Fiverr, I think that’s a big plus.

Fiverr doesn’t do anything. It just sends clients to you. You don’t have to give permission, get permission, or do anything before you do this. If you don’t accept the orders, you will look bad.

2. Safe

There is no way to see who your employer is or where your job is. So, this raises many questions about how safe it is to do things like this. Were you tricked?

Most platforms say they make it safe, but Upwork proves it every step. Everything is clear, transparent, and easy to find. They even have a Payment Protection Policy that makes sure you get the money you agreed to.

Plus, you can make sure a client is real before applying for a job. There are a lot of metrics right in the job description that can help you figure out how well the job is going. Some of them:

Payment Verified

Often, this is shown by putting a blue tick next to the word “payment verified.” People who have signed up for the platform and are ready to transfer money are shown by this metric. This group of clients isn’t likely to leave you or have problems paying you.

Recent History

The client’s history is shown at the bottom of the job advertisement. This is how it works: It shows how the client and the freelancers they’ve hired in the past have talked about their work. Find out what the client is like with this tool. It’s not good for him to leave bad reviews, for example. Such clients are hard to work with and don’t want long-term relationships.

Hired & Interviewing

These two metrics may not seem important, but they can help you save your Connects in the long run. If a job post is a scam or the client doesn’t want to hire anyone, there won’t be any hires or interviews. It’s better not to go through all the trouble and apply for jobs there.

Besides these, there are many other ways to make sure you work with the right person on Upwork.

3. You Can Ditch Your Deadlines!

In this case, please don’t take me wrong. It’s essential to turn in the work on time for an excellent job. Then, let’s face it.

It’s not always possible to do everything. Whether it’s network problems, burnout, a surprise emergency, or something else, there are always things that can happen. Every time you make a delivery, you can’t be on time.

Upwork seems to know this and has a very flexible system. Every time you reach one of the milestones, the time is up. But, even if you don’t see it, it won’t hurt your profile.

In this case, you don’t have to worry about missing deadlines. Instead, you can tell the client about it. This is a huge stress reliever for people who work on their own.



Freelancing is all about being in charge of your own time and money. You can choose and make decisions about your work life when you leave your 9 to 5 job. This is what people want to do. If you’re going to work as a freelancer, Upwork gives you the right conditions.

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