Uncovering Verizon TV Channels and Packages

Verizon Fios is the way to get the entertainment you need. Uncover the diverse range of TV channels and packages available, and be sure to dive into everything they have to offer. With Fios, you’re in control.

Verizon fios offers a broad selection of TV packages and channels, giving customers complete control over their entertainment experience. With Verizon, television viewers can customize their packages, access premium channels, and enjoy high-definition quality everywhere they are. Whether you’re looking for the entertainment essentials or specialty programming, Verizon likely has something for everyone.

Exploring Verizon’s Vast TV Offerings

When it comes to TV packages and channels, Verizon has something for everyone. Choose from either local or national broadcast networks, and add popular cable-only networks or international packages. Verizon’s TV packages also include comprehensive sports coverage and access to premium movies and music networks. In addition to its cable-like TV plans, Verizon also offers an expansive selection of On Demand content. Whether you want access to the latest blockbusters, sports programming, family favorites, or collections featuring multiple genres, Verizon has something for everyone.

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Crafting the Perfect Package for You

Verizon makes it easy to customize your TV package . You can choose from a variety of packages designed to fit any budget. If more is desired, there are also additional individual channels you can add to your package. In addition to its packages and single channels, Verizon also has some special offers that only come around periodically. So before you commit to a long-term plan, make sure you explore all of Verizon’s available options and see if there’s a deal that suits your needs.

Discover New Shows With Premium Channels

Verizon’s premium channels give subscribers access to viewers exclusive programming and movies, plus groundbreaking original content. With premium channels like HBO and Showtime, you can get a front row seat to some of the best films and TV shows available. If you’re looking for more than just the standard packages, you can also explore Verizon’s international offerings. That way, you can stay up-to-date with programming from Europe, Asia and beyond.

Enjoy High-Definition Entertainment Everywhere

Verizon’s TV packages don’t just come with incredible programming, they also come with the ability to access it any time, anywhere. With the Fios TV app, you get all sorts of amazing features, like rewind, pause, and protect recordings. The app even allows you to access live TV and all of your shows and movies on any device. Plus, with HD available for most of Verizon’s packages, you can enjoy all the latest streaming, on demand and live content in the highest picture quality possible.

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Make the Most of Your Verizon TV Subscription

Once you’re all set up with Verizon, don’t forget to take advantage of the company’s exciting extras. From home DVRs to streaming players, Verizon has the devices to help you expand your viewing experience. Additionally, the Verizon Up rewards program can help you save money each month. With the extra money, you can get more of the entertainment you love.


Verizon offers TV viewers an unprecedented level of control and access to incredibly comprehensive programming. Not only do they have plenty of channels and packages to choose from, they also have premium channels, international content, and access to the latest streaming services. With Verizon, you can enjoy high-quality programming no matter where you are, and make the most of your TV viewing experience.

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