Top 6 Free Remote Access Software in 2022

Many people had to be able to work on their computers or servers from afar. I have put together a list of the best remote desktop and these are free programs that allow you to access a computer from afar. All of the programs (Remote Access Software) I use have been tested by me. Some of them let you set up your management server, through which connections will be made.

1. Remote Access Software – DWService

A strange program called DWService lets you control a computer from a web browser. The thing that makes it unique is that it is entirely free. It works in much the same way as all other programs that do the same thing. Install the server part of the application (agent) on the computer, and the browser acts as a client to connect to the server. WIN, LIN, and MAC are all popular systems that work.

Remote Access Software

The only thing you need is an email address. You’ll then be able to access your account when you sign up for an account. There is also a connection to your computers from there.

I tried out the program a little. Not everything was good for me. To show you. Without setting it up first, you need to give the agent code and password to connect. Because they can’t be copied, that’s why. And the code is made up of 11 digits. I didn’t get what the point was. Why can’t I copy it?

If you keep the agent running, there is no problem. In your account, add a new agent and get a code for installation. Install the agent on your computer and enter the installation code. It will then be linked to your account. In the next step, you can connect through the browser by going to your account on the web.

I don’t know of a free app with the same features as this one. So, the product should get some attention. There is no need to break any rules or think about licenses. It can be set up and used at work without any problems.


2. AnyDesk

This product has many features as the previous one, which isn’t surprising because it was made by people who worked for TeamViewer. When the other was trying to limit the number of free connections, he became a big hit. In addition, AnyDesk lets you run it yourself for free for personal use. However, if you use it for business, it doesn’t do anything. In the last few years, he has gained a following. When he does this, I think it will happen soon. A lot of money goes into making things like roads, bridges, and other things that help people get

Remote Access Software

The AnyDesk client is lighter than TeamViewer, but it lacks extra features. In addition to remote access, it doesn’t have any other additional features. I think it’s better for me.


3. X2Go

For Windows, there are a lot of programs that let you control a computer from another place. Also, both paid and free. No, Linux doesn’t have that kind of thing. VNC is the protocol used by all remote access programs. This is very slow, so I don’t use it.

Remote Access Software

There is another way to do this: X2Go. It is built on the NX protocol, which performs better than VNC, even on slow networks. X2Go is a server that runs on a Linux machine. And you can connect to it from any computer, even one with Windows, with a client for it.

If you want, you can try this. I’ll show you how the XFCE environment works on Ubuntu 20. It’s easy to set up XFCE:

apt install xfce4 xfce4-goodies xorg dbus-x11 x11-xserver-utils

Now, X2Go:

apt install x2goserver x2goserver-xsession

You don’t have to do anything because all the services start automatically. To connect, you don’t need to do anything special on the firewall because it is through ssh.

From a Windows computer, let’s get in touch with each other. If you want to do this, you need to download the client: Launch and set up connection settings. In this case, all you need to do is give the IP address and an ssh account. Everything is effortless and quick. It takes very little time. Everything I tried was good.

When I lived in Europe, I used to have a virtual machine running Linux and a graphical screen. I used it, so I didn’t have to use a proxy or a VPN. I needed to have a clean, separate computer and a web browser. That’s why I quickly got bored with VNC. It’s hard to surf on. With X2Go, I’ll give it a go right now.



In my review of, I found an exciting service that lets you control your computer from afar: Even though many benefits allow you to connect to computers from afar, I think this one will be interesting to you. You can work through the browser, connect to telegram (there are some cool features), and have your account where you can do all of your work.

Remote Access Software

There is a plan that is free for two devices. How much it costs to pay taxes is very fair. It costs less than its analogs, but it is easier to use. That’s what I thought. Keep this service in mind: Before, I didn’t know about it.

5. MeshCentral

MeshCentral is another open-source project that lets you get into your computer from afar. You can use both public servers and your servers to connect two devices. The server part is written in NodeJS, so it’s effortless to set up and run. Linux: This is an example of what it looks like.

npm install meshcentral

node node_modules/meshcentral

The MeshCentral server and NodeJS are already set up for Windows. There is a ready-made installer that will do this for you.

Remote hosts can be managed through a web page. In contrast to many other systems, MeshCentral is unique. None of the free ones have anything like it.

They use multicast to find the server in their network. In some cases, you will need to enter the server’s address into the agent settings to make a connection through that. You can also look at hardware information, connect to the console, see CPU and memory load graphs, and transfer files with the console.

Remote Access Software

Youtube has a lot of detailed videos about all kinds of things. Everything that can be done is there, from setting up two-factor authentication to setting up Nginx as a reverse proxy to set up Let’s Encrypt certificates and more. There aren’t very many open source projects with videos like this one.

MeshCentral is very easy to set up and try. It’s enough to set up the server. The web interface is where you can get to it. Please select an agent for your operating system and then install it like any other app. There is a lot of support for mobile devices. Afterward, you can connect to a host from your control panel.

If anyone is using MeshCentral at home, please share your thoughts. Like this software when it’s used in real life. It looks very cozy. In my case, I use commercial software that lets me control computers from a web browser. I pay for it as a service.


6. TeamViewer

I think this product doesn’t need to be talked about. It would be wrong not to talk about him at all in this collection. Because people can only use it for free for their own needs, it is different from the products above. But it’s hard to say for sure. We use it all the time, even though it’s hard to do so. At one point, he began to block all connections that he thought were commercial actively. Then, he changed his policy again. However, during this time, its competitors were able to show up and become stronger.

Remote Access Software

It’s suitable for personal use because it’s well-known and easy to start and connect. Of the negatives, I note that it’s starting to become a lot more than just a way to get into your computer from afar. Because the client is very heavy, it takes a long time to start.



This is the end of my review of programs that let you get into your computer from afar. If you think I haven’t talked about a good project that always has a free version, then tell me about it in the comments. I plan to keep this list up to date as I learn more about new programs.

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