Top 10 Cyberattacks of the First Three Months of 2022

All we’ve heard about are cyberattacks related to the Ukraine-Russia conflict this year. These are severe attacks. However, there were equally dangerous cyberattacks in the first quarter of 2022 overshadowed by war news. Let’s take a look at some of the cybercrimes that occurred this year worldwide.

1. A Cyberattack on Government Websites

In March 2022, a significant DDoS attack took down a lot of government websites in Israel. In this attack, people tried to get government websites with.GOV.IL domain names. People who work for Haaretz say that this is the biggest cyberattack against the Israeli government. Israel thinks another country or group could be behind this attack, but it hasn’t found out who did it yet.


2. Attacks on European Oil Facilities

In February 2022, a large-scale cyberattack stopped oil terminals in Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands from getting oil. The attacks at the airports slowed down the loading and unloading of cargo. Their software was hacked, so the oil terminals couldn’t process barges because they didn’t have the right software. This attack brought down the whole system of work.

3. Cyberattacks on Polish Government Websites

There were cyberattacks on the computer servers of the Polish government in February 2022, as well as the websites of the national clearing system. They say the country’s IT network has been hacked many times recently and the website of the country’s national clearing system. It’s not clear who is behind this attack, but PGE SA (PGE.WA) CEO says that the episodes are being watched. They haven’t found out who is behind it yet.

4. North Korean DDoS Attacks

On February 2, 2022, a hacker named P4x launched DDoS attacks that caused North Korea’s internet to go down. The hacker says North Korean spies hacked him. After a year, he took things into his own hands and took down servers in the DPRK. He said that there were flaws in North Korean systems that were not fixed. He used these flaws to launch DDoS attacks.

5. Vodafone Portugal Cyberattack

On February 7, 2022, Vodafone’s network was hacked by someone else. This attack affected the company’s 4G and 5G network, TV, SMS, fixed voice, an answering service. As a result of this attack, some emergency services could not work. Attack: As soon as Vodafone Portugal found out about the attack, it took care of it quickly and told its customers that no data had been stolen.

6. News Corporation Cyberattacks Hit

In February 2022, News Corp was the target of a “persistent computer attack.” Journalists and other employees were targeted, and private information was stolen. This is how it worked: News Corp, who told law enforcement about the hack right away, also hired Mandiant Inc. to look into the incident and look into the hack. People in China are thought to be behind this hack.

7. Slovenian Pop TV Disrupts

Pop TV, the most popular TV station in Slovenia, was hacked in February 2022. This attack that hit the computer network of the channel is thought to be an extortion attack. Channel 24UR could not show computer graphics on its show because it didn’t have enough space for the computer graphics. The episode also hit one of the platforms that let people stream videos. VOYO and Pop TV’s web servers were also crash. According to Pop TV, this attack stopped them from adding new content to the platform, like the Winter Olympics.

8. Ransomware Attack According to Denso Corp., a Major Toyota Motor Corp. Supplier

An attack on Denso Corporation, one of the top suppliers to Toyota Motor Corporation, took place in March 2022. This attack was made by Pandora, the group that did it. Pandora said they had stolen more than 157,000 items, including invoices, emails, and purchase orders. If Denso didn’t meet their demands, Pandora said they would put them on the dark web. When Denso saw that someone was trying to get into its network, they took care of it right away.

9. Rosneft Was Hacked

Rosneft’s subsidiary in Germany was hacked on March 12, 2022. People in Germany are getting a lot of crude oil from Russia through Rosneft. This attack was carried out by the group “Anonymous.” They say they have stolen 20 terabytes of data, which is a lot of data. Rosneft had to take down its systems for a few hours, but fortunately, the attack hasn’t affected Rosneft’s business.

10. Cyberattacks on Albuquerque Schools

In January 2022, schools in Albuquerque, New Mexico, were hacked, which led to the district canceled classes for about 75,000 students. The attack was aimed at the school’s student information database, and it got hold of student information. In a ransomware attack, the hacker made the computer systems unusable, and they took all of the students’ data. Because the schools didn’t pay, they found a way to get the data back.



As you can see, cyberattacks in 2022 will be directed at businesses of all sizes, regardless of their industry. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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