The Ultimate Guide to SEO Backlinks Explained

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Search engine optimization, or SEO for short, is a tricky beast. It’s one of the essential parts of an online marketing campaign, but it can be challenging to figure out. One component that often confuses people is backlinks – what are they? Why do I need them? What does Google think about me if I have too many or not enough? Well, this blog post will answer all your questions like SEO backlinks explained, and more.

seo backlinks explained
Off-Page Optimization

Backlinks are links that point to your website from other websites.

Because Googlebot (Google’s search engine crawler) uses the title and URL of each page to figure out what the site is about. This information helps determine your site’s relevance to specific keywords or phrases (i.e., topics). For example, if someone types “best SEO tools 2021” into Google Search, they may see an article you wrote about SEO backlink software show up in their results because you linked to some famous SEO tools during your research process. Your opinion of those tools – good/bad/ugly – wasn’t just limited to word-of-mouth feedback. It was published somewhere else on the web.

That’s all well and good, but what if your site isn’t ranking for SEO backlink software? You can fix that by getting links to your website from other relevant sites. It makes Google think you have something valuable to say about SEO tools, so they’ll rank you higher in their search results when someone types “best SEO tools 2018” into a search box. Some would argue that this is one of the essential SEO factors – way more than keywords or metadata.

The problem is, if you have too many SEO backlinks, Google may think your site is manipulated to appear more relevant (i.e., gaming the system). Deficient SEO backlinks will lead Google to believe that there is something wrong with what you’re saying and why anyone should bother clicking on your link over another – even if they’re essentially saying the same thing. That can hurt organic traffic in a big way.

As for how many SEO links are just right? Well, that depends on who you ask, but most SEOs agree that number falls somewhere between 15-30%. It’s not an exact science by any means, but it’s an excellent place to start.

That’s correct. If you use SEO tools like Majestic or Ahrefs (highly recommended), then you can see who has linked to your website and where they’re linking from so long as someone added their SEO backlink on their own accord – there is no magic formula for this. The SEO package report shows you everything you need to know, including:

  • Who linked to your website
  • How many pages/domains link to yours
  • Where those domains rank in Google search results for SEO keywords and phrases
  • Who linked to your website from other SEO blogs/websites (more SEO backlinks!)

As you can see, SEO backlink research is a lot more than just checking the number of links pointing at your site. You want to look for quality over quantity when it comes to SEO packages – after all. How many SEO packs are related to your site matters, but those domains rank in Google’s results. It means that if someone wrote an article on one of the top 100 search result pages, they will be able to drive traffic directly through their SEO backlinks and indirectly by pushing up your rankings. That’s why we SEO backlink research in SEO packages instead of only checking how many SEO backlinks you have.

SEO backlink services will do this for you, but you should give SEO backlinks naturally. If your SEO backlinks look unnatural, then it raises a red flag, and Google may penalize or even blocklist your site from their search results altogether. We create SEO backlinks on our website to keep things natural, but if someone wants us to do it for them, they can always link to one of our articles instead. That’s much easier than doing research every time too.

One of the best ways to find backlink opportunities is by using top referral sources. There are many different types of links that you can build, but they all have one thing in common-referral traffic from other sites pointing out pages about your business or products on which you should optimize for better ranking.

An outbound link is when you include links to other websites in your content. This SEO backlink strategy works well, especially with SEO articles, because it helps readers learn more about their problem and potentially increase conversions (we’ll explain SEO conversion rate optimization later). The process of building SEO backlinks using SEO packs or work we’ve done for our clients can also help build relationships that result in future backlinks too!

All SEO packages and SEO backlinks should be indexed by Google (unless you’re working with an SEO platform like ours). If they aren’t, then it means the links pointing at your site won’t do much good for increasing SEO rankings. You can use tools like Ahrefs or Majestic to check how many SEO backlinks you have – enter your website page URLs into their search box and click ‘go.’

Keep track of how your competitors are performing

You can use SEO backlink services to track your competitors and determine how many SEO backlinks they have. You’ll also be able to see what keywords their SEO backlinks are optimized for, which is a perfect way of finding new, untapped SEO opportunities.

Because there was no site address for them when they clicked the LinkedIn or Reddit link, they now all update their Linkedin page instead of yours. And what about those spammy blog comments? Also, think strategically, like adding keywords throughout to help you rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs). Not only do broken/dead external URLs impact SEO positively by increasing relevancy score, but also you can create SEO backlinks in this manner.

Create high-quality, linkable content

When we SEO backlinks and SEO packages for our clients, one of the main things we look at is how well-written their content is. If they suck then, SEO backlinks won’t be worth anything because Google will recognize that too! Quality seaboards are linkable and engaging to readers who may end up sharing them on social media (which can cause instant SEO backlink ins!)

Create an article about a skyscraper SEO tactic

Skyscraper SEO is similar to SEO platforms, but it’s a bit different too. I’ll explain: SEO packages and SEO blasts are designing to help businesses create content that ranks for keywords they’re not able to rank for yet or don’t want to start ranking for immediately – like their business name, products/services (unless you’re already doing PPC campaigns), etc., whereas skyscrapers SEO tactics would consist of writing an article about something we’ve done in the past which will naturally drive more traffic + SEO backlinks! That way, when people search your website name+skyscraper backlink strategy and related terms such as “EO Agency,” all SEO backlinks on SEO sites pointing to your site will show up.

If you want to create backlinks for your domain, infographics can be a great and effective tool. Backlink building will help bring more traffic as well as boost the rankings of all pages on Google.


Write SEO testimonials for your website or blog posts. People want to know why they should trust you with their money, and these SEO backlinks will help them make that decision.

Start a blog for your company as a guest author

Guest SEO backlinks are one of the best ways to bring SEO backlinks to your domain. You can go on other blogs and post SEO articles as guest authors, which will help you gain SEO backlinks from another site’s trust, authority, + SEO marketing power.

Participate in Various Forums in Your Industry

You should also SEO backlinks through SEO packages in forums relevant to your industry because then you’ll be able to create SEO backlinks for yourself and help promote other people’s content. Not only that, but SEO boards are a great way of establishing credibility within the community.

Well, first off, let me point out that having too many or not enough links pointing at your site doesn’t matter as far as SEO is concerned. Google knows that some websites will naturally have more backlinks than others, and they rank them accordingly – this isn’t a bad thing! If you want to learn more about SEO works, check out our SEO for the beginner’s blog post.

Backlinks are important because the sites linking to your site need to be relevant and valuable sources of information. It means people can trust what’s on those other websites – if it wasn’t good, then why would someone bother giving up their precious time by visiting? They don’t just link to any old page, so make sure yours stands out from the crowd too.

Yes – but only if those keywords/phrases are very similar to yours; otherwise, Google will see this as manipulation again, which means another penalty for your site.

As SEO backlink research depends on the quality of your SEO backlinks, it’s essential to avoid any mistakes that could make yours seem spammy. It means no buying SEO packs from sites like Fiverr or doing article marketing – both get you penalized by Google, and neither is very effective anyway!

It may all sound a little complicated, but there are many SEO tools out there that will help us find great SEO backlinks for our site without having to do too much legwork ourselves. Why use a tool if we’ll be looking into this for hours each week? That sounds silly when some companies have made their SEO backlink analysis software to save time without compromising quality. We SEO backlink research can use SEO backlinks like that, too – it’s no longer an issue of which SEO packs are the best or how many SEO packages we’ll need to rank. It’s all about finding what works for us and then making sure our website is as good as it should be so everyone wants to link there.

In Conclusion

SEO backlinks are nothing more than links pointing at your website from other sites – the trick is to get quality SEO backlinks that will push up your rankings and increase organic traffic through a few well-placed SEO packs on relevant websites. It’s not an exact science, but it isn’t magic either.

With just a bit of effort into finding where would be the best place to publish SEO packets about your business or industry, then you’ll find yourself climbing Google search engine results real fast without breaking too much sweat along the way.

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