The Types of Backlinks: SEO and Marketing Strategies


There are many types of backlinks that you can create for your website. The styles vary in their SEO and marketing strategy qualities, so knowing which varieties will work best for your business is essential. This blog post will discuss the types of backlinks and how they affect search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing strategies.

types of backlinks in seo
Link Building

Here are the types of backlinks that you can create for your website:

A text link is a hyperlink that appears within the body of an article. It may link to another page on the same site or an external source. Search engines may recognize these links as relevant and valuable to their crawling efforts, so they generally positively affect SEO. Marketers use text links to provide readers with additional information about related topics. They also have value because human visitors can see where a particular link leads before clicking on it rather than having no clue until after clicking it, like with other types of backlinks.

An or media backlink consists of a website’s or blog’s logo that links to a specific page within site. In terms of search engine optimization, these types of backlinks are not as beneficial because images and videos do not have keyword density as the text does. However, they’re pretty helpful for marketing strategies due to their unique qualities, making them easy for audiences to remember and recall later.

An infographic is a visual representation of information rather than text, with a focus on statistical charts. Unlike other types, these backlinks lack opportunities for social media engagement because they contain keywords embedded into the design. Consequently, infographics work best with organic traffic instead through link-building efforts.

A video backlink usually takes the form of a YouTube video that links to another page or site within its description section. These backlinks are highly beneficial for SEO because Google loves videos, and their keyword density is high. However, they’re not as effective with marketing strategies due to the lack of engagement opportunities on social media platforms compared to other types. It means they need more time to be effective than simply adding them to an existing campaign.

Guest post

A guest post consists of content written by someone else who publishes it on your website. The author’s name appears next to the title, so these types of backlinks do not have branding benefits like other types of backlinks. However, they do improve SEO because search engines see them as external sources with original content. In terms of marketing strategies, guest posting is an excellent way to build your website’s credibility and gain brand awareness among audiences who may not be familiar yet with the business’ offerings.

A resource link points readers to another page on your site that contains information relevant to their topic interests called a reference list at the end or bottom of the article. These backlinks are beneficial for SEO and marketing strategies due to their high quality in engaging human visitors compared to other low-quality types, including nofollow links embedded within image descriptions or comments sections under articles/videos.

SEO and marketing strategies

An increase in traffic and visitors increases a website’s ranking in search engines such as Google. Backlinks are types of hyperlinks that point to a website and its pages from other websites.

People who see your site may visit it or share it with others via social media, increasing traffic flow and rankings for those keywords and phrases.

Backlinks are the essential type of SEO and Marketing strategy. They help determine how well a page ranks on Google, which can make or break your company’s online presence. The types of backlinks in SEO and Marketing strategies are guest posts, resource links, infographic backlinks, video backlinking, youtube videos, etc.

Guest post

The guest posts help build credibility on your website with audiences who may not know what you offer or be familiar with it. Guest blogging sites like Medium, Quora blogs, etc., give great opportunities to share your knowledge. Also, it’s one way of sharing information that attracts many audiences towards the link posted under them by their name-giving branding benefits while improving search engine rankings. It also helps to connect with other experts in the same field, creating relationships that increase traffic flow and visitors online, resulting in improved order from expanded linking domains.

The resource links are types of backlinks that point to a website’s pages from other websites. They have significant benefits for SEO and marketing strategies due to their high quality in engaging human visitors compared with low-quality types like embedded nofollow links within image descriptions or comments sections under articles/videos.


As a result, more people will see you who may then visit your site or share it on social media sites such as Twitter, resulting in higher rankings for those keywords and phrases.


The video link-building videos help increase traffic flow and visitors online, resulting in improved ranking from expanded linking domains. If someone types the topic you have a video on YouTube, Google will show it to them at the top of their search results.

You have to look at your competitors’ types of backlinks on Google by searching for their website name followed by “backlink analysis” in the search engine.

For example, if you are looking up a competitor called ABC Company, type: backlink analysis into Google and hit enter. You will see how many websites link to them and where they sit on the PageRank scale from PR0-PR11. It means increased traffic from social media sites, etc., which leads to improved rankings associated with keywords/phrases used within articles or videos, which is beneficial for marketing strategies.

In Conclusion

I hope you’ve found this blog post informative and entertaining. If you have any questions about the different types of backlinks or making them, please feel free to reach out. I can answer your question via telegram or email. You can also visit for more information about SEO and Content Marketing tips that will help you grow your business.

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