The Truth About Nofollow Backlinks SEO

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There are many myths about Nofollow backlinks SEO, so I want to clarify some of the confusion.

Some people think no-follow links don’t count at all, while others believe they have no impact on SEO rankings. But what is the truth?

This blog post will discuss how nofollow backlinks work with your SEO strategy and why you should be using them for your business.

nofollow backlinks seo
Search Engine Optimization

They can be a way to make your site stand out and generate more visitors, but they do have their drawbacks if you don’t know what else is happening on the web or how Google sees things.

The nofollow backlinks will not hurt your SEO rankings because they don’t pass the link juice to your site. In other words, no-follow links have no value in terms of ranking a website higher or lower on Google’s search engine results page (SERP).

For example, if you want to rank for a specific keyword and someone with a similar domain has created no-follow links pointing at your domain but not including that keyword, this won’t help.

Even though nofollow links won’t help your SEO rankings, they still have value.

There may be other benefits to having no-follow backlinks depending on the site or page where you got the no-follow link.

For example, if a famous company mentions your business name in their news section, that can generate more traffic and customers. It’s not due to nofollow but the fact that people trust sites like these because it’s credible; therefore, they are likely to click through and see what information this has about them, which will ultimately lead them to learn more about your website. Another reason why no-follow links make sense for businesses is affiliation marketing (i.e., affiliate programs). By getting no-follow links from a trusted company, you will get no-follow links from their customer base who trust them and are more likely to click on the link.

It is easy to create no-follow backlinks these days; in fact, many tools can help you do this.

For example, once you submit your website name on Scribe, it will automatically create no-follow blog comments with a link back to your site within minutes.

Submitting Guest Posts

Another option is to submit guest posts to, where the no-follow links are created and published within 24 hours by their global team of writers. You could also use a service like SEO Buzz. They write 1000+ words articles about your business and publish them on different platforms such as EzineArticles, which has an impressive list of high PR sites you cannot follow backlinks.

“tagging” other websites create No-follow link directories with relevant keywords. They include no-follow links to these sites because they fall under the same category as yours but are not competitors.


Here’s an example of how it looks like: Your business name > no-follow tag > related businesses (i.e., Web Design Company) If someone wants to get more information about web design companies in London, for instance, they will be able to click on each company which will take them directly to their site without passing any SEO juice through yours. You should always no-follow no-follow links because it’s the only way to get more traffic and backlinks without worrying about your SEO rankings.

Blogs can be a great way not to follow backlinks because they are trusted sources of information and traffic. Not only that, but the people who write these blogs include links in their content which will take you directly to other blog posts or websites related to what they just wrote about – this is why your business needs to comment on them so you can get no-followed backlinks from them too.

If someone has written an article about SEO strategies, then there’s no reason yours won’t benefit by leaving insightful comments under each paragraph; don’t forget it should always sound natural.

You could leave one at the beginning saying something like “I agree,” followed by another sentence if you’d like before going your no-follow link.

Best Way

Blogs are also great for getting backlinks because they will often allow authors to post their links in the author section, which is somewhere at the top or bottom of posts; this means you can get a no-followed backlink from them, too if that’s something you choose to do.

Build Trust

It helps with SEO and builds trust and relationships between yourself and other bloggers, even staff members who work on these blogs. There’s no reason you shouldn’t use this to improve your company’s online presence – make sure all no-follow backlinks sound natural and not spammy (which no one likes).

Commenting on other people’s blogs will also help you get more followers, which will lead to more traffic to your website.

Commenting on no-follow links can be a great way to get more followers and improve your SEO rankings at the same time.

You must leave insightful comments only because if it looks like spam, then no one will want to follow you – this is why having a natural tone of voice is very important when doing this too.

Just remember: no matter what platform or website you’re using for backlinks, make sure they all have no-follow tags, so everything looks completely organic! Commenting on other people’s blogs will also help them bring in new readers, which means there are benefits from both ends; keep building these relationships with bloggers over time because it’ll soon start adding up. The more popular their blog becomes, the more no-followed backlinks you’ll receive too.

Nofollow links are no different when it comes to social media websites like Facebook or Twitter.

If these links end up on your website, Google may consider them spam and penalize you, especially since no-followed backlinks from social media sites offer no benefit. Just do this by adding a few hashtags saying something related to what you’ve just written about – again, make sure everything sounds natural so people will want to follow you too. Have fun with it instead of focusing too much on SEO rankings – remember these are meant to be informative posts only.

In Conclusion

No-follow backlinks have their place in your SEO strategy but won’t interfere with your rankings, so it’s not a good idea for businesses to focus only on getting no-follow backlinks if they want results fast. Having no-follow isn’t “bad” but means that Google ignores those links as far as how it impacts one’s search engine ranking score or whether something should be ranked higher or lower than another page.

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