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The Social Media ROI Pyramid: How to Reach New Audiences and Maximize Your Results

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The social media ROI pyramid is an essential social media strategy that you can use to reach new audiences and maximize your social media efforts. This blog post will discuss the social media ROI pyramid in-depth with a step-by-step plan for success.

There are more ways to communicate with customers and potential clients than ever in today’s social world. Social Media ROI Pyramid is one of the most effective strategies available. It allows you to build awareness through different social platforms while also providing a call-to-action that drives traffic back to your site or landing page.

social media roi pyramid
Social Media Plan

Know your audience

Social media marketing is all about numbers. It’s essential to know your audience and their needs, but it also helps if you have a strong understanding of what they want from those interactions with brands–so don’t just guess in this digital age. Ask your social media audience what they want out of this relationship, and you’ll be able to create campaigns that are effective strategically.

Understand how social platforms work

It’s also essential to understand how social platforms work on the backend–so make sure you analyze each social channel thoroughly before developing a strategy. For example, some social media have algorithms built-in for showing content in people’s newsfeeds while others don’t. If Facebook had an algorithm similar to Twitter where posts would show up based on relevancy instead of chronologically, receiving organic reach wouldn’t be as much of an issue because more users would see your post without paying for it through boosting or ads. Knowing these intricacies can help inform which platform(s) you decide will be your business’s best social media ROI pyramid strategy.

Persistent and consistent

When it comes to social media marketing, you have to be persistent and consistent–you can’t just post once on Facebook, call it a day, and expect people will see your content organically. You have to post regularly across all networks, even if they aren’t getting as much engagement at first, because consistency is key. You’ll spend less time creating social movements that don’t lead to sales and more time focusing on what works if you align your social posts with your current campaign or product.

Create content for the correct social media platform

You also need to create social media content that matches what the social platform’s users want. If your audience is mainly on Facebook, you should develop campaigns and posts specifically for it while skipping over other platforms altogether–and vice versa if they’re more active on Twitter or Instagram. There are some social networks with a larger demographic. Still, there will always be an overlap in audiences across different social channels, so make sure you know who wants what from these interactions before committing time and money into developing a social ROI pyramid strategy based around one track alone.

Your call-to-action matters too

Remember that whatever actionable request or information your post includes needs to match up with where people end up after clicking through from social media. If you’re directing social media users to a landing page, then make sure the CTA (call-to-action) on that landing page is relevant and beneficial for them. If your social post asks people to purchase an item but ends up at a blog instead of your online store, this will not help anyone, so it’s essential to plan a social ROI pyramid strategy accordingly.

Get on the proper social media channels

Don’t just stick to social media channels that are popular or familiar. You need to investigate social networks that your audience is active on and will want to engage with, even if you’re not currently focused on marketing through social media. It’s essential for businesses of all sizes, tiny ones, to be present across social platforms. Hence, people know they exist beyond their network–which can be a potent tool when it comes time for word-of-mouth advertising or customer retention efforts.

Engage with people in your community

Remember, social media isn’t just about you–it’s supposed to be a two-way street where businesses interact with their customers and vice versa. It’s essential to engage with people in the community rather than just broadcasting what you’re doing for business, which won’t get anyone excited or wanting to buy from you later.

Promote yourself on other platforms to reach new audiences and maximize social media ROI.

Here are some social media ROI pyramid tips and tricks to maximize social media ROI and reach new audiences:

Promote your social media sites on other social media sites. Use links, hashtags, and social network auto-posting tools like Hootsuite or Buffer to promote social media platforms used to build your social audience. If you use a social platform with a high entry barrier, such as Facebook or Twitter, share content multiple times across all the social accounts using the services mentioned above. For example, post an image with text overlay to Instagram and then repost it on Pinterest linking back to blog posts about the image’s topic. An example would be posting “How I Manage My Social Media” on either Twitter or Facebook then reposting it with a link back to the social media blog post on Pinterest.

Share content across social platforms

Promote your social media sites on social media networks that do not currently support social media integration, such as YouTube and LinkedIn. You can share content across social platforms by using the abovementioned services to schedule posts – but be sure to avoid spamming – so send only relevant and high-quality posts, avoiding duplications and content recycling. Ask an audience of followers you already have for their permission before sending every social update they receive from you in their social notifications or email inboxes. If they say “no,” then ask them what types of updates they want from you instead because those pieces of content might interest them more.

Try social media analytics tools.

Use tools like social media analytics to assess social media ROI on social channels. Some social channels have integrated social media analytics tools, while some social networks do not offer this kind of analytic data. Try using social business intelligence solutions like Radian6 or SocialMention designed for social listening and social monitoring on social platforms to promote your business online. Use these tools to track the progress of social campaigns by keeping an eye on relevant metrics such as new followers, mentions, retweets, etc.

Across various digital signage

Promote your content across various digital signage networks, including Twitter hashtags, Reddit subreddits, Pinterest boards, Flipboard magazines, Instagram hashtags, and more with one-click plug-ins available for each platform you use. Hootsuite’s social media management tool allows you to schedule posts in advance (you do not need to log into each social account individually) to share content across social media platforms. If you rely heavily on social media updates, then leveraging social media automation features like these save you time so you can focus more attention on other business operations.

In Conclusion

The social media ROI pyramid is a social media strategy that you can use to reach new audiences and maximize your social media efforts. This article has given you some great tips on how to get started with this, so don’t wait any longer! Get going now, and see the results for yourself soon. It’s effortless when you have these excellent resources at hand – all of which are free or low cost! Go ahead and try it out today.

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