The Guide to Cybersecurity for Security Professionals

Most people think that cybersecurity is a vast subject. Even though I work in the field, I sometimes have to think about the different jobs. Outsiders usually only see one role: the hacker, who breaks into systems by flashing strange code sequences on a terminal. I don’t blame them; before I started working in cyber, I didn’t even know there were things other than hacking.

With this guide, I want to teach people about the different jobs in cyber, and I also want to show how diverse the field of cyber is.

Guide to Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity for Practitioners

Here is a guide for security practitioners on how to stay secure online.

SOC Analyst

The SOC Analyst works in the Security Operations Center and manages, analyzes, and does research on security alerts that come from a Security Information and Event Management platform (SOC). This cybersecurity expert works with a team to look at security systems and measures for flaws and ways to improve security.

Guide to Cybersecurity

Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst

The Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) Analyst collects, analyzes, and shares information about cyber risks worldwide. This is done to protect the enterprise.

Cyber Threat Hunter

Cyber Threat Hunters find security incidents and cyber threats that automated security solutions like intrusion detection/prevention systems (IDS/IPS), firewalls, and malware detectors may miss.

Guide to Cybersecurity

Incident Responder

When a company has a cybersecurity problem or Threat, incident responders handle it right away. Incident Responders work as quickly as possible to fix issues inside an organization while also taking steps to stop them from happening again.

Malware Analyst

Malware analysts look into malicious software like viruses, Trojan horses, worms, bots, and rootkits and try to figure out what makes it worse.

Digital Forensics Analyst

Analysts in Digital Forensics find deleted data (like documents, pictures, and emails) and other computer evidence on a computer or mobile device storage device and keep it safe.

Guide to Cybersecurity

Security Architect

A security architect plans, build and takes care of security measures for an organization’s IT network, which includes computer systems and data.

Chief Information Security Officer

The chief information security officer (CISO), who works at a high level, keeps the apps, databases, computers, and websites that the company uses safe.

Guide to Cybersecurity


We hope this guide will help people find their way in cybersecurity if that’s what they want to do. Did we forget any roles, or is there one you’d like us to talk about more? Please don’t be afraid to leave a comment or get in touch with us.

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