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Social Media Brand Strategy 2021: Be More Than a Personal Brand

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The social media landscape is changing. It’s no longer enough to be a personal brand; social media needs to become your company’s brand.

You need to think about social media as more than just a place where you can connect with other people, but also as an opportunity for you and your business to communicate with customers, prospects, influencers, and employees. In this blog post, we will discuss how social media strategies are evolving in 2021 – what that means for personal brands and how it impacts the world of social media marketing.

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What is a personal brand, and what are the benefits of having one

A personal brand is an individual’s online identity. You should take the time now so everyone can see you as who they want YOU to become in this world, not just some generic version of “you” represented by social media profiles that don’t reflect your brand.

Having a personal brand allows you to control how people perceive you. The social media world provides private individuals with an unparalleled opportunity for self-expression, but it can also become overwhelming. With so many social networks out there, where do you start? What content should I share? How often should I post on each platform? Who is my target audience? When building a social media presence from scratch, these are all questions, let alone managing multiple accounts most brands have.

Benefits of building your social media presence

Having a solid social media presence has many benefits for your business, including more traffic to your website and increased brand awareness. Social networks are perfect places to promote upcoming events or products that might interest the people who follow you on social media. People trust recommendations from friends and family members – it’s human nature! If someone sees that their friend liked this article about social media best practices in 2021, they are much more likely to check it out themselves than if they saw an ad banner with some random company name on top of it. Encourage visitors who have questions or concerns about your product/service/company to tag themselves on one of these platforms so other users can see their questions and help if needed.

Companies could connect more personally with customers when they first created social media. But now, this is not enough – social networks are full of competition where every business wants to stand out from the rest; social media need to become your company’s brand to succeed! Companies should use social media for marketing purposes (measuring ROI), PR (creating awareness about organizations’ activities), and recruiting (hiring the best talent). It shouldn’t just be another digital space that you use only because everyone else does so. The content you share must have value, or people will stop following/liking/sharing what you do there, and social media are an excellent tool for your company to build its brand.

How to build your social media profile on different platforms

You’ve heard the saying, “You can’t take it with you,” but we know better. The internet holds all of your secrets and memories in its vastness—especially on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter! 

There’s no need to apologize. Thanks so much for your time! It’s just that everything we do nowadays is digital: shopping lists from last week’s trip (gasp! ), you took vacation photos along scenic highways. You’ll get where I’m going with this. So if anyone claims they don’t have time when in reality everyone spends hours each day checking email/ texting family members etc., respond, “No need, social media has already handled it.”

Creating Strategy

The best way to start building your social media is by creating a strategy and choosing the right social network for you: Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram? Or maybe LinkedIn since it’s all about professional connections? Before deciding which platform would be more beneficial for your company, you need to consider many factors, such as your target audience (age, gender), what kind of content they like/dislike, and how often they visit each platform. Then comes the fun part – planning! Set goals and objectives, with three measurable performance indicators per goal (e.g., get social media posts seen by at least 100 social media users). The more specific you are with your objectives, the easier it will be to measure them.

Next, create a social media strategy that includes what type of content you’ll post (photos/videos), how often and when, but most importantly, why. What is your purpose? Why do you even want social media in the first place? Let’s say, for example, if one of these goals was getting new customers. Then social media would be used as a customer service tool where visitors can ask questions related to their product or services without calling an expensive phone line! Or maybe they need help to choose between two different items – here on social networks. People tend to talk openly about experiences they had using certain products, which can be very helpful to other customers.

Post News About The Great Things Happening

And lastly, social media should reflect your company’s personality and culture, so don’t forget to post news about the great things happening at work like new projects/initiatives (that are worth mentioning) and even the latest additions to your team. Since social media isn’t just for connecting with friends and family, businesses can use it to create their own brand identity by using the following social media strategies:

  • Promotions including discounts on certain items, e.g., 50% off if the order is placed before midnight tonight!
  • New product announcements updates
  • Endorsements from social media influencers
  • Customer support – this is a great way to nurture your social media as many customers appreciate being able to seek advice about an issue they may be having without having to pick up the phone. Instead, social networks provide businesses with another communication channel where you can answer questions privately and efficiently.

Why you should consider hiring an agency or consultant for your business needs

It’s no secret social media are a great way to interact with prospects and customers; social media is also a cost-effective marketing channel, but the industry changes very fast. Only an experienced social media team can provide you with top-of-the-line quality results that will increase your brand awareness and boost sales or engagement targets, which means huge profits!

So if you’re ready for the growth year, 2021, check out my social networks now. I would love to connect with you on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn – if interested, send me an email 😉

Tips for creating memorable content that will engage with followers on different networks

Visual social media – from videos to photos or infographics, social media users love visuals.

  • Visuals are a great way of showing what you do without having to explain yourself through words!
  • If you’re not sure how your business looks, then take a look at competitors and see what type of content they post on their social networks, but don’t copy it as that will be recognized immediately, which means no good for anyone involved.

Narrative social media – these types of social media allow your company’s culture to show up by sharing stories about the team members behind this brand along with fun facts about them (yes, I said fun). The more personal brands make themselves appear, the better they have in connecting with social media users, as they tend to trust those who are open about their personal lives.

  • Make sure social media is not being too ‘corporate’ by adding a little bit of fun and quirkiness to it!

Action social media – these social networks allow you to track how well your content performs because people love sharing things that make them look good, e.g., pictures from conferences, workshops, etc. So always ask yourself why someone would share this particular post? Will it reflect positively on them or the brand behind it? If yes, then go ahead! In other words, think like an influencer when creating posts for social media 😉

And lastly, if social network followers complain about anything, take action instead of ignoring them; otherwise, it will only get worse!

The importance of using hashtags strategically

Remember, social networks are all about connecting with your customers and targeting new prospects, so always offer something in return. If someone has a beef with how your company does business, then don’t ignore them as that will only make things worse – instead, try finding out what’s wrong through social media, apologize by explaining the situation if needed and assure them this won’t happen again which means an opportunity lost forever 🙁 So be open, honest & transparent in everything you do online to stay relevant in 2021 😉

In Conclusion

I hope you’ve found this article helpful in your quest to understand better the power of social media and how you can use it for marketing purposes. If you want help getting started with a strategy that will work, our team is ready to partner with you on specific ideas for your brand, industry, and goals. We look forward to helping make your business thrive.

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