Signs Your Friend is Jealous of You: 3 Ways to Tell

It would be best if you always kept other people in the dark, giving them the impression that you are perfect until you show them who you are.

We don’t always notice these kinds of people because, unfortunately, they can look like our closest friends.

It sometimes happens that the people you think are your best friends are your worst enemies in life.

So it is very important that we know about their evil plans ahead of time and stay away from them.

So, here are some signs your friend is jealous of you.

Signs Your Friend

1. Signs a Friend Is Secretly Jealous of You – They Praise Absurdly

A friend with bad intentions will try very hard not to let on what he wants so that he will praise him a lot.

Because your success makes him feel threatened.

When you are successful, he worries about losing you because you will be helpful to him in the future, and you will have power. That’s something he knows for sure.

He didn’t want you to succeed and be more robust than him when you were struggling. But now that you are prosperous and more powerful than him, he wants you to fail.

He doesn’t want to lose you, so he says many nice things about you. But he is not a valid, loyal, and trustworthy friend in his heart.

He’ll be glad if you lose everything. Because what goes wrong for you is what goes right for him, be careful of friends who praise you a lot.

2. Their Eyes Water, and They Force a Smile

When you tell them about your success and accomplishments, they are stunned for a short time.

They kept their body still. The tears come to their eyes, and then they force a smile. They never show that they don’t like it when you do well and reach a milestone.

But when they are going to sleep at night, your success does keep them up longer. They do feel bad about themselves because of it.

So, it seems like they’ll hug and thank you, but deep down, they feel empty and hollow, and their eyes and a forceful smile tell you that loud and clear.

Signs Your Friend

3. Signs Your Female Friend Is Jealous of You – They Act Sad When You’re In Trouble

Do you know what they’ll say to you when you mess up? They will tell you, “Hey, sometimes things aren’t for us. We have to go away and hide sometimes because that’s what our fate calls for.”

They don’t want you to try it again.

They know that you’ll figure out the code on your second try after all your hard work, but they don’t want that to happen.

Because your success makes them feel insecure. They never want to feel like a loser because of you. So, they act sadly.

They show that they have a lot to do with why you fail. They are there to help you, but they are there to keep you from trying again in reality.

To find out if any of your friends are good at playing sad people.

Signs Your Friend


It’s essential to make sure that the people you call your friends are not toxic or jealous.

If your friend is jealous of you, you can tell by the following:

  1. They praise in unusual ways.
  2. When they hear about your success, their eyes tear up, forcing a smile.
  3. They act sad when you hurt, but fireworks are going off because you failed in their hearts.

Check to see if any of your friends show any of these signs. If so, you should be careful because they are not your friends. They’re just putting on a good show, but they’re not good.

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