Remove the Digital Trash

A lot of photos were taken in 2021. We took 1.4 trillion photos even though the world was still mostly shut down and canceled events because of the storm.

This isn’t surprising when you consider how many emails we send each day, how much Netflix we watch each day, or how many hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. The internet and its supporting systems produce 900 million tons of CO2 each year.

Digital devices have also given us a lot of digital garbage. Despite all the good things that technology has done for us, there is also a lot of digital junk. It isn’t good for the environment when we send unnecessary emails, files, apps, photos, and videos. As a result of “cleaning” our devices, we may be able to cut down on cyber threats like identity theft or privacy breaches. That sounds like a great deal!

digital trash

How Can I Adopt More Eco-friendly Digital Habits?

Because we all impact the environment, and to give you some security tips, we’re celebrating World Cyber Cleanup Day! This Saturday, March 19th, is World Cyber Cleanup Day. It’s a great time to clean up your digital habits.

Below, the SEEKurity team talks about three ways to lessen your digital footprint without making too many big changes in your life.

1. Improve the Efficiency of Your Emails

Every day, we send and receive a lot of emails. Often, we leave these emails to pile up in our inbox, miscellaneous folders, or in our sent box. There’s a lot of mess there.

Remove old emails first. Emails that have the same names and words can be grouped so you can deal with them all at once. In the first place, delete copies of your passport or driver’s license that you’ve sent in an email. When there is a breach, it will be more difficult for hackers to use your documents to steal your identity or make money from you.

There is still more to do, but you can stop that clutter from starting in the first place. Hit the unsubscribe button on newsletters or content you don’t want to read. If you don’t like to unsubscribe all at once, when the following newsletter comes in that you don’t want to read, hit unsubscribe instead of deleting it.

2. Make Your Smart Phone Smarter

Remove old files from your smartphone to improve battery life, keep the device longer, and make apps less able to track your information.

Remove all the apps you haven’t used in a while. There is a good chance you won’t use it again soon if you haven’t used it since 2021. Delete the app! That way, apps that you no longer use can’t get or sell your data just by running on your phone. Remember that some apps may be able to keep track of your location even when the app isn’t open if you’ve permitted them. So get rid of that app that takes your data!

To check your camera roll, do a quick review now. You need to keep your photos and memories safe because they are essential. But maybe you can get rid of the random clips from a concert you went to five years ago, or 9 of the 10 photos where you and your friends are in the same pose. You can free up space on your phone and make it last longer if you look at duplicate or unnecessary photos.

3. Clean Up Your PC

Your computer likely has a lot of files or programs that you’ll never open or use again. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the things you have in your download folder or your trash can.

Clear out your recycling bin is an effortless and quick way to clean up your digital waste. Delete will move the files to the recycle bin. So even if you delete something with private information, it could still be sitting on your computer and be easy to find. Clear out your recycle bin to free up more space on your computer, and delete the files the right way on your computer!

If you’re in a mood to clean things up, you can choose an old folder and go through its contents. It’s a good idea to eliminate any files that might be duplicated or outdated versions that are no longer needed. Do you need all these drafts, or can you keep just this one?

digital trash

What Happens if I Miss World Cyber Cleanup Day?

Start when you’re ready. World Cyber Cleanup Day aims to raise awareness, but any day is a good time to think about your technological footprint. Start by making a small change on one device to make those habits stick. You can also go into deep clean mode and clean up everything at once!

It’s important to remember that you can get rid of something if something is no longer needed. Remove it to cut down on your CO2 footprint. It would be best to get rid of it to make your devices last longer. It is essential to avoid it not stealing your personal information. So, you can delete it to stop apps from seeing your data. Win-Win-Win-Win!

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