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How to Rebrand Your Business on Social Media

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Many small to mid-sized businesses rebrand their social media posts every few weeks or months to keep things fresh. This process is relatively easy and can be done by anyone with a basic understanding of rebranding techniques.

In this blog post, we will walk you through rebranding your social media posts so that you can make them more effective for marketing purposes.

rebranding social media posts

Devise a Solid Plan

It would be best to have a clear idea of what your rebranded social media posts will achieve before starting this process. Otherwise, it can quickly become overwhelming and time-consuming.

Step One

Determine Your Goals You need to know why you are rebranding for these efforts to be effective when used on social media. Are you trying to build awareness? Boost traffic? Increase sales? Improve customer relations? Make yourself stand out from competitors in your industry on this platform because of those who use similar marketing techniques as yours (i.e., rebrand)? Or all of the above! Figure out which goals apply most directly to your business objectives, then rebrand your social media posts accordingly.

Step Two: Choose the Right Platform(s)

The rebranding techniques you choose to use will vary depending on which platforms are most relevant for promoting yourself and getting in front of new audiences. To rebrand effectively, consider where your crucial audience spends time online and target these channels with rebranded social media posts explicitly designed around their preferences.

For example

  • Pinterest users typically prefer visual content over text-heavy updates, so a rebranded Pinterest post might include an eye-catching image or infographic rather than a long paragraph of copy.
  • Facebook is best used as a personal brand promotion channel because many brands have been banned from advertising here. However, rebranding your Facebook posts can help you gain more likes and improve engagement on this platform by including fun or interesting images in addition to the rebranded updates.
  • Instagram will work well for rebranding if your target audience consists of users interested in visually-driven content (i.e., photos) over text-heavy updates. If that is not relevant to your business goals, consider using other social media platforms instead. Audiences may better receive rebranding efforts with different preferences than those found on Instagram.

Step Three: Select Relevant Content

Regardless of which rebranding strategies you choose, it’s crucial that they fit within the context of what people expect from you as a brand/business. It means rebranding efforts should be related to your brand.

For example, suppose you sell organic coffee beans and rebrand one of your social media posts with a photo of someone sipping on soy hot chocolate instead. In that case, you will likely confuse or even upset people who expect that rebranded content from your business will feature something more directly related to the product/service that you offer (i.e., coffee).

Step Four: Recycle Your Best Work

If possible, try reusing some of your best existing pieces of content for different platforms so they can reach new audiences. Rebranded updates are an excellent way to recycle existing blog content because it’s easy enough for anyone at any level in their organization or company to complete this task.

Step Five: Amplify Your Rebranding Efforts

To rebrand your social media posts effectively, you’ll need to amplify these efforts by sharing them across all relevant channels to get the most views possible.

For example, suppose someone rebrands a Facebook post and shares it on Twitter. In that case, they might get more engagement there than on Facebook itself because people will be viewing this content in different contexts depending on where it’s shared (i.e., mobile vs. desktop).

You can apply many rebranding techniques to various types of social media updates for maximum effectiveness. Try out some of these strategies now.

Let Audiences Sneak a Peek of Your Content

This rebranding technique is a great way to get people excited about what you have to say without giving away too much of your message. All you need to use this rebranding technique is an image and some text on top of it! Before sharing the post publicly, save the image as a draft, then send it out via social media or email with a teaser line that can entice more clicks from interested users (i.e., “The answer(s) you’ve been looking for”). This rebranded update will give readers just enough information to encourage them to click through and read/view more content later.

Create An Exciting Sneak Peek

If possible, try reusing some of your best existing pieces of content for different platforms so they can reach new audiences. Rebranded updates are an excellent way to recycle existing blog content because it’s easy enough for anyone at any level in their organization or company to complete this task.

Prepare your Designs and Aesthetic for rebranding

After you’ve created your rebranded update, make sure it fits your brand’s aesthetic on social media. For example, if you’re rebranding a Facebook post about putting together an event, use photos that reflect what sort of style this might be (i.e., fancy/formal or casual). Viewers will get the right impression and feel more connected because they know what to expect when they click through.

Make the Announcement Official

If you rebrand something in a way that is dramatically different than previous iterations, be sure to re-announce your rebranded update by promoting it across your various social media accounts (i.e., Twitter, Facebook). Additionally, make an official announcement about this rebranding effort on your website or company blog for any users who may have missed the rebranded post when it originally went live. These announcements will help people know where to find this content and feel included in the rebranding process.

Post On Social Media

Here are a few rebranding techniques that you can apply to various social media updates for maximum effectiveness. Try out some of these rebranding ideas now.

The most critical thing to rebranding your business on social media is simply publishing more posts. People that are already following you will see your rebranded content, and there’s no way they won’t like it because it’s the same excellent content. But to get new people to follow you, you need to post often enough for them to realize what they’re missing out on by not following your brand.

Post at Different Times of Day

Many studies show that certain types of posts do better when posted at specific times during the day. The best thing you can do is look into these studies and find which posts go over well with your audience, then space them out to have a successful rebranding campaign that follows the best practices.

Post More Visual Content

Nowadays, a lot of social media platforms are becoming more and more inclined towards visual content. These include things like photos, memes, or videos. It’s where rebranding gets fun! You can rebrand these photos to look exactly like your other posts within your rebranding strategy – all you would need to do is make sure they’re high quality enough to pass off as your own if anyone ever took a closer look at them. Make sure that you have a lot of visuals in every one of your rebranded posts so that it sticks out from the competition and pushes people towards liking, following, and sharing your page with others just like them.

Don’t Post too Often

You want to rebrand your business on social media, but that doesn’t mean spamming people with rebranded content 24/7. You also don’t want to post so infrequently that no one even cares about rebranding your business! Shoot for posting around five times a week – once in the morning, once during lunchtime, and then three times more throughout the evening. If you can rebrand every post perfectly, it won’t matter what time of day they’re posted because nobody will be able to tell anyway.

Stay Authentic & Stay True to Your Branding

Rebranding should always naturally instead of forcing it upon your entire rebranding strategy. You don’t want to rebrand every single post, more than that. You don’t wish to rebranded posts that look like they’re trying too hard and not doing their job of rebranding the company naturally and authentically. People can tell when something is forced, and it will not spark their interest or make them pay attention. Make sure to rebrand enough posts throughout your rebranding strategy. Hence, people start thinking about what you do differently from all of the other companies out there. Remember to keep some posts as authentic as possible, so you don’t lose credibility with your audience.

Engage with Your Audience

The rebranding process can get a little challenging for some, but rebranding your business on social media doesn’t have to go completely wrong if you know how to rebrand right. The easiest way to rebrand a post is by engaging with your audience and asking them what they think of rebranded posts. It will help poll their input on rebranding while also increasing engagement rates, which are good metrics for measuring the success of any rebranded content.

Post rebranded hashtags or keywords related to your industry when possible. You want people who haven’t even heard of you before to start looking into your company because they were searching up something similar and happened to find your page in the process. It’s a great way to rebrand, and it will help bring more people into your target audience for rebranding purposes.

Promote Your Brand on Other Sites

Once you rebrand enough posts throughout your rebranding strategy rebranded, social media posts won’t be enough for rebranding anymore. It would be best if you branched out to other sites as well to rebrand successfully. Posting on similar websites, commenting on industry blogs, or even sharing rebranded content from other sites onto your page brings all of the engagement from those linked pages over.

Don’t Overdo It

It can be easy to go overboard when rebranding a post, especially if you rebrand enough of them and it seems like the rebranded posts are taking over your rebranding strategy. Don’t bother rebranding every single post! Nobody will follow, like, or share a rebranded page if all they’re getting is rebranding – they need original content for rebranding purposes.

Listen and Monitor Your Feedback

Of course, rebranding is all about rebranding, so rebranding social media posts are usually the priority of rebranding, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t listen to what your audience has to say on rebranded posts either. Rebranding can be challenging for some people who aren’t familiar with rebranding or rebranded content, but it becomes much more manageable once they understand it more. The means that sometimes rebranded posts need to have some original content thrown into them, too, even if it isn’t all original content – mix and match between rebrands and regular posts. Monitor how your audience responds to these kinds of things after you’ve rebranded enough of them because it can help you rebrand more rebranded posts in the future.

In Conclusion

Rebranding social media posts is a great way to keep things fresh for both you and your customers. This small change can impact the success of your social media strategy, but don’t forget you should do it in moderation.

If this sounds like something that would work well with your marketing needs, let me know. My team of experts is ready and waiting to partner with you to create a stellar SEO or marketing plan that drives sales by considering how your customers think. Which of these cognitive neuroscience principles have you applied to increase product sales online?

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