The Rise of The Digital Nomad: Freelance Marketing

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The freelance digital marketing industry has grown in popularity over the past few years. Freelancers can work remotely, taking on freelance jobs for marketing companies and agencies across the world.

A freelance marketer specializes in marketing services such as email campaigns, SEO optimization, social media strategy, and more.

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In this blog post, I’ll cover tips to help you become a freelance digital marketer.

What Is A Digital Nomad?

A digital nomad is someone who works freelance, traveling the world while working remotely. They might freelance with companies and agencies in different countries to optimize marketing efforts on a global scale.

Who Are They, And What Do They Do?

Digital nomads have freelance jobs that let them work remotely, which means they can travel the world while still working. As a freelance marketer, you might specialize in email campaigns or other marketing services such as SEO optimization and social media strategy to help companies reach their goals.

Becoming a freelance digital marketer takes some training but is an increasingly popular career choice for people who want independence and variety in their work lives.

The time spent researching various aspects of freelance marketing, reading up on current trends, and networking online through sites like LinkedIn or Meetup groups is minimal. To get your freelance marketing business off the ground, you’ll need to invest in freelancing software (like Upwork or Fiverr).

The Challenges Of Being A Digital Nomad

There are many challenges associated with freelance digital marketing as a lifestyle. But, they’re not all bad-

The first challenge freelancers face that freelance work isn’t always steady and can sometimes be seasonal or infrequent. So you might find yourself without freelance work for months at a time, which means either spending your savings or getting another job in the meantime to pay bills.

Another downside of being a digital nomad is location independence. While it has its perks (being able to travel the world), I personally struggle with feeling like I’m never home when friends and family come over because I don’t have any roots here anymore.

How To Be Successful As A Freelancer In The Freelance Marketing Industry 

To be successful at freelance marketing, you will need to have skills in these three main focus areas and keep up with how the industry changes over time.

Skills In Freelance Marketing

This is the work you will be doing, and it includes everything from content creation to social media management. You’ll need to know how to use all of these programs, tools, and apps for your freelance career; one skill set can’t carry you through a freelance digital marketing career as they are always changing. The freelance industry has also become more competitive, which means freelancers need skills, not just about their profession but outside expertise too, such as business or law-related topics. This new level of sophistication may require additional education on top of what you already have (or if it’s something completely different).

This knowledge needs continual updating with current trends across platforms like Facebook’s algorithm changes affecting organic reach for business pages or how LinkedIn prioritizes images in the news feed.

Above all else, successful freelance marketers are reliable employees who know how to multitask effectively using skills from their other professions while still maintaining quality high standards; knowledge about freelance marketing has become more than just knowing how to do one thing very well because clients demand people who are multidisciplinary to meet their needs.

Skills Outside Freelance Marketing

This is just as important for freelance marketers because they have to do the work and manage all aspects of a freelance career, such as finding clients and establishing rates. This includes budgeting for expenses like food or housing if you’re traveling; this means freelance marketer candidates need skills in money management too, which may require additional education on top of what you already have (or it could mean something completely different).

If freelancers want to know how successful they will become, there’s much more than just knowing how many hours they can put into work each day. It involves having everything from an emergency fund, retirement account, and life insurance policy that covers freelance work.

Although freelance marketing is a career with a lot of variety, there are some common skills that freelance marketers need to do this type of job successfully and which may require additional education on top of what you already have (or it could mean something completely different).

Tips For How To Start Your Own Business On The Side And Work Remotely From Home (or anywhere)

If you want to freelance from home or anywhere but don’t know where to start, tips can help you get started.

Find What Your Skills Are

This is usually something we all do in our careers, and it’s no different when starting a freelance marketing business. With an understanding of what type of freelance work will be most beneficial for your clients (content writing? social media management?), the next step becomes discovering any hidden talents by asking yourself things like “What did I enjoy doing as a hobby?” or “What would make me excited about coming home every day?”. It’ll become easier to find freelance opportunities within those specialties when you understand how talent plays into freelance marketing through experience with certain tasks or hobbies.

Find Freelance Opportunities

With an understanding of what you’re good at, the next step is finding freelance work that will help you get started in your freelance marketing career. Some common freelance sites such as Upwork or Fiverr provide many freelance digital marketing jobs and require special skillsets for each position, like remote writing or design services. You’ll be able to see all types of available positions from per hour rates and how much experience they require; when starting, it’s best to pick something easy that doesn’t take up too many hours, so first-time freelancers can learn more about working remotely before jumping into something too advanced.

Grow Your Business One Day At A Time

This is similar to freelance marketing as a whole, which requires consistency and dedication. Once you’re able to get started, then focus on growing your freelance business one day at a time (or task) by picking up new skills or practicing old ones; this will not only help you grow further in what’s required for freelance work, but it’ll also make the process of doing freelance work more enjoyable because you’ve got variety from project to project.


The digital marketing industry is growing and evolving. Freelancing has become more popular because it allows people to work remotely, set their own hours, and be self-employed. There are many reasons why freelancers are increasing in numbers; the most common reason being that this type of career provides a greater sense of freedom than traditional employment.

So, what do you think about these changing trends? Have you ever considered taking your talents into freelance digital marketing? If so, I’d love to partner with you on my next SEO or social media campaign.


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