Copywriter Salary: Freelance and in House

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Copywriters are in demand these days. Many copywriters who work freelance make quite a bit of money compared to copywriters that work for an agency or company.

Let’s take a look at copywriter salaries and the benefits they offer.

copywriter salary

What Is A Copywriter?

A copywriter is a person who writes copy for an advertisement, newsletter, brochure, or other text.

Copywriters are often freelance and have their own office space to work from at home or elsewhere. They also may write copy in agencies where they might be working with different creative teams on various projects. One copywriter’s responsibility is to provide persuasive arguments to persuade consumers to buy products and services offered by clients’ companies. A copywriter may work one-on-one with the client if they work within a company as well. In this case, it would be advantageous for them to understand what type of language marketing managers prefer so that they can best present ideas that are marketable overall. Many copywriters offer writing services to various clients, so copywriting is not just seen as being for advertisements.

Freelance Vs. In House

There are many freelance copywriters, and this is a good career path for those who want autonomy in the workplace. Freelance work allows you to set your own schedule, determine how much money you make, and choose which projects you take on. You can also freelance part-time while still having another job or pursuing other interests outside of working as a freelance copywriter.

Many freelance writers will offer their services through online platforms like Upwork or Fiverr to create a portfolio that may attract potential clients with larger budgets who need more specialized skillsets than what they’re able to provide themselves.

In the case of being an in-house writer at an agency or company, there are benefits such as paid vacations, sick days, and other company benefits in addition to a competitive salary.

However, freelance copywriters may be able to make more money on certain projects and have the ability to work from anywhere with an internet connection. In contrast, freelance companies need office space where they will spend time writing or interacting with clients if they are freelance. Freelance writers also do not receive any benefits of being in-house at a company, such as paid time off, sick days, life insurance, etc.

How To Find A Job As A Copywriter

Copywriting agencies offer various copywriters to work on projects, while copywriter jobs are available within companies.

A copywriter can find freelance opportunities through online platforms like Upwork or Fiverr. They will post their skillsets and what type of clients they’re looking for to attract potential employers who may provide them with the best positions based on those needs.

Some firms only hire freelancers when needed, so it is good practice for copywriters to keep up-to-date resumes and ensure that their portfolios contain samples from all areas such as print, digital content, marketing campaigns, advertisements, etc. It would then behoove these writers to use any copywriting company they find themselves with as a networking opportunity to create connections and potential future employers.

Copywriters can also look for copywriter jobs at companies where there are listings available on the company website, job boards, or through headhunters who specialize in finding good copywriters for many different types of industries. Some copywriter positions require specialized skill sets such as marketing copywriting which may be more difficult to find freelance opportunities for if you have those skills within your portfolio already.

Salary Expectations And Negotiating Tips

The copywriter freelance salary is standardly a project-based job with the rates set by each individual copywriting company.

In-house copywriters can expect to make an average of $65,000 annually in the United States. The range for salaries varies depending on what industry they work within and whether or not they are full-time employees at a company. They have more benefits such as paid vacation days, life insurance, etc.

When negotiating your rate, it’s important to know that copywriters who specialize in specific skillsets should be charging higher rates than those without any experience when attempting to break into certain industries because there may be less competition. Employers will need to find someone quickly if you happen to be one of the few copywriters with experience in that industry.

Salaries for copywriters vary widely depending on location, qualifications, and work environment. Still, it is always important to be honest about your skillsets when negotiating rates because employers will expect you to have a minimum level of familiarity with all aspects of copywriting if not specialization in one area such as marketing copywriting which may be more difficult to find freelance opportunities for if you’re already an expert copywriter who has those skills within their portfolio.

Copywriters can make anywhere from $25 per hour up to over $100+ hourly, so these numbers are vast ranges based on what type of company they work at or through and where they live geographically speaking.

Freelance writers should be charging a copywriter salary range of $50-$100+ per hour.

Benefits Of Working For Yourself Vs. Working In An Office Environment

Freelance writers have the freedom to be their own boss, set their own hours, and negotiate rates for themselves, which depends on how much time they want to put into it. Freelancing copywriters don’t receive any vacation time or sick leave when working through freelance agencies. Still, if you happen to find yourself with benefits such as paid vacations from an employer who hires freelancers when needed, then you will include those in your overall salary package.

In-house copywriters can expect more benefits like life insurance and other retirement plans; however, depending on where you live geographically, copywriters in the United States can expect an average salary of $65,000 annually.

Freelance copywriter salaries are project-based, and copywriting rates vary depending on what type of company you work at or through and where you live geographically speaking. Hence, it’s important, to be honest about your skill sets when negotiating rates with employers because they will expect a minimum level of familiarity if not specialization for every aspect of copywriting, such as marketing copywriting which may be more difficult to find freelance opportunities for if you already have those skills within your portfolio.

Copywriters typically make anywhere from $25 per hour up to over $100+ hourly. Still, these numbers are vast ranges that depend on what type of company copywriters work at or through, where copywriters live geographically speaking, and what type of copywriting they specialize in (i.e., marketing copywriting).

What’s The Process Like From Starting To Making It Big Time?

The process of becoming a successful copywriter really depends on the individual because there are some talented copywriters out there who never make it big time and others who have less experience but do just fine in their career as well – success really does depend on what your definition of “making it” looks like, exactly.

For example, someone might not consider themselves making it until they can charge $100 per hour or more. In contrast, someone else may consider that number low, considering those rates typically command higher bids for projects which can mean earning more money sooner rather than later (even if it means you have to find copywriting opportunities on your own).

Common Mistakes Newbies Make with Their Career Choice

Many mistakes freelance copywriters make when deciding whether this is the right career choice for them include not being educated enough about how much time it takes to have a successful freelance writing career (i.e., that you need to be putting 20-40 hours into your business every week if you want any chance at doing well).

Another common mistake newbies make with their copywriter salary is thinking too small – many people don’t know just how lucrative opportunities in the industry really are, and copywriter websites like are a great way to get educated about copywriting rates, marketing copywriting skills needed for different types of copy, the process from starting as an in-house or freelance writer up until making it big time – there’s also tons of information available on mistakes to avoid when entering the field which can help you make an informed decision.

In Conclusion

Copywriting is a very in-demand skill these days, and with good reason. When you have the ability to write content that resonates with your audience without getting boring or repetitive, it becomes much easier for them to connect emotionally with what you’re selling.

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