The Job of a Copywriter: What Exactly Do They Do?


Do you know what copywriters do? The answer is not as simple as “they write copy,” but that’s the gist of it. They are responsible for writing copy for various purposes, including email marketing campaigns and content on websites.

Copywriters also often work with designers to help create promotional materials like ads, brochures, and packaging copy.

copywriter job description

In this blog post, we will explore the job description by looking at their responsibilities in more detail.

What A Copywriter Does

The copywriter’s job description is responsible for the content on a website or in an email campaign. Among their responsibilities, copywriters:

  • Write blog posts to provide information about products and services
  • Create a persuasive copy to convince customers of the benefits they offer
  • Edit other people’s copy (or “copyedit”) and make it more understandable; this can involve rewriting sentences, so they are shorter, clearer, or both. They also might change words or phrases to help them conform with style guides like AP Style or Chicago Manual of Style. Sometimes copyeditors may even need to correct typos!

In addition, copywriters often work closely with designers during projects by reviewing designs carefully before anything goes live—this means making sure the copy is readable. That copy matches any graphics on the page.

Some copywriters also work with developers to create HTML content (that’s how websites are built). They might be in charge of reviewing designs before anything goes live, just like they would for a copy.

Why Do Companies Need Copywriters?

Companies need copywriters because they are in charge of the content on their websites or email campaigns. For some companies, copywriting is an important job, and it’s a promotional opportunity to help them grow; for others, copywriting may be more like a side gig.

Copywriters might write blog posts about different topics related to the company (for example, if you work at an ice cream shop, copywriters might create reviews of new flavors). Or copy can provide customer service by answering FAQs or providing information via social media channels when needed. It could also serve as marketing material such as brochures or online ads. Copywriters often have specialized experience writing ad copy—which means knowing how best to convince customers with words.

Copywriters are also the people who copyedit other people’s copies. This can involve rewriting sentences or changing words and phrases to make the copy more understandable and correcting typos. One of their most important responsibilities is copyediting work before it goes live. Copy editors review designs carefully so that copy matches graphics on a page—and they might even change things like paragraph spacing if need be.

The Role Of The Copywriter In Marketing Campaigns

When copywriting for marketing campaigns, copywriters often work with designers to create promotional materials like ads or brochures. They might also use their skills in persuasive copy to convince customers of the benefits they offer through advertising copy.

Copywriters may specialize in different areas. For example, some copywriters might do research and then write blog posts about a topic related to what the company sells so that readers can find out more information before making a purchase (like an ice cream shop blogger who reviews new flavors).

Others are responsible for writing email messages—this is usually referred to as content strategy. Copywriters will come up with subject lines and headlines that engage recipients while offering value at the same time; this involves knowing how people react differently based on what day it is, what time of the day they open their emails, and if they’ve opened any other copy from you in the past week.

Copywriters also work with developers to create HTML content (that’s how websites are built). This means you can read sure copy on all types of devices—and that copy matches graphics on a page.

Some copywriters might even research companies using surveys or interviews to find out more about potential customers so a copy can speak directly to them and provide information related to their specific needs.

What Are Some Of The Most Common Misconceptions About Being A Successful Copywriter?

One of the most common misconceptions about copywriting is that copywriters are only responsible for producing content about one company. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Another common misconception about copywriting is that you need to have a degree in English or marketing. In reality, copywriters can come from any background with varied interests and educational experiences. The most important things for success as a copywriter are having strong writing skills and valuable experience reading various text genres.

The Skills Required For This Position

Copywriting requires copywriters to have strong writing skills and a solid understanding of grammar. Copywriters should also know how to research different topics, design copy for various formats (including print), be able to edit copy, work well under pressure with tight deadlines, prioritize tasks independently in order from most important to least important, and understand the needs of customers so that copy is persuasive.

In addition, copywriters need experience reading texts like blogs or magazines—perhaps even books on marketing law! This knowledge helps them write copy that can reach people at many levels.

What Does The Salary Look Like For Someone In This Field?

The salary for copywriters can vary depending on their experience. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, copywriter salaries range from $38,920 a year (entry-level) to over six figures annually with more than 20 years in the profession.

For some copywriters, this might be just part-time work—which means making less money and having fewer benefits like health insurance or paid vacation days. Others may enjoy higher pay rates and better job security by being full-time employees at companies who need copywriting services regularly. In these cases, they usually have specific titles like content strategist or web writer instead of copywriter when working as an inside employee. It’s also possible to freelance as a copywriter – which involves setting your own rates and working from home.

In Conclusion

Copywriters are the backbone of marketing, and without them, your sales would be in jeopardy.

If you’re looking for a copywriter or want to learn more about what this job entails, contact me today! I have an award-winning team with more than 10 years of experience writing persuasive content that will boost your business’s bottom line.


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