A Creative Writer’s Salary: What Does a Content Marketer Make?

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“I’m a content writer. What should I get paid?”

It is a common question for content marketers. And it’s not just content writers – many people in marketing have this same question on their minds.

It’s hard to answer because there are so many variables when it comes to salaries. But let’s take a look at some of the factors that go into determining content marketer salary and see if we can get an idea of how much you could make as a content marketer.

content writer salary

What is a content marketer

A content marketer is someone who creates and distributes information to make a profit.

People tend to return to businesses that provide good service the first time around.

This content could be anything – an article, a video, or even social media content. But this is all done to improve brand awareness and encourage audiences to take action (like clicking on banner ads).

Typically content marketers work for marketing agencies that specialize in content creation. However, plenty who choose to run their businesses as well-meaning these people will hire freelancers instead of having full-time employees.

The perks of being a content marketer

Because content marketers are often freelancers, the perks of being a content marketer could include:


Working from home (some content marketing agencies will have an office you can work out of if required)

Your Hours

You are setting your hours to manage personal life and family and working when convenient for clients. It allows you to be flexible with time management.

High Earning

In this case, economies of scale come into play as negotiation skills matter, driving rates up. It might not seem like much at first glance, but having a good command of the English language and vocabulary makes all the difference in making yourself more appealing as a content marketer.

Able To Work Your Way Up

You can work your way up and gain more responsibility in whatever role you’re playing within the content marketing agency. It could mean you get a say in big decisions about the clientele, content marketing strategies, etc.

How to become a content marketer

To become a content marketer, you’ll need to have the following skills:

Writing Skills

Clients assign content topics to content marketers. They may also be required to interview industry experts to create content that appeals to a wide range of readers. It means that having good writing skills is an absolute necessity for doing this job well. There’s always strategic thinking behind what content is chosen for each platform so people can understand your message quickly, which requires creative copywriting.

Strategic Planning

Knowing how and when you should distribute certain information to the right people is critical, so content marketers must understand how to plan content that will appeal to their target demographics strategically.

Research Skills

Content marketers need to know research skills for this job. These include spotting gaps in information on topics they write about, knowing where relevant data can be found online and offline (like industry reports), etc.


Content marketers should also always try out new strategies or angles for whatever projects they’re working on because staying up-to-date with what everyone else is doing and talking about gives them a leg up when it comes down to getting ahead of the competition. It means finding someone who’s done something similar to you before and offer helping hands by sharing content marketing strategies.

How much does an average freelance writer make per hour?

The average content writer salary might seem like a lot because content marketing is such an in-demand market. There are plenty of benefits to being a content marketer, but let’s not forget about the cons too. One downside could be that all this content has got to get written by someone, and there’s only so many hours in each day, which means less time can go towards other types of work you’re doing for clients or just spending time with family.

That said, if you have good writing skills, then it shouldn’t take much effort on your part when generating content because copywriting requires very little research compared to academic essays or even blog posts based on personal experiences. It gives writers more leeway when content marketing strategies from scratch. At the same time, content writing is a great stepping stone to gaining experience in other fields like digital marketing or public relations.

The average rate for content writer salary can depend on what industry they’re working with and how much competition there might be from others trying to get the job. In general, expect to earn between $25 and $40 per hour, which isn’t bad considering many content writers are freelancers who work remotely using their equipment (computers, software, etc.) and any research materials provided by clients. They may not pay overtime because their rates are dependent on content success.

Besides the usual listicles, top-ten lists, and quizzes, content marketers need to report on various content types. It includes video scripts for YouTube channels, social media updates (for both Facebook and Twitter), press releases, and product descriptions across different e-commerce websites like Amazon. Content marketers must know where their content is most likely to succeed, so they must research everything digitally before starting any new project.

Content Writer Salary – Ranges for different types of writers

Most content marketers should also be familiar with SEO (search engine optimization), making content more visible to potential visitors. Google’s algorithms for their search engines constantly change. Still, content marketing strategy always includes staying on top of what is likely to work best with audiences because that’s the only way content will continue being shared and seen online.

Writing blog posts may not require much education, but there are many other aspects involved in getting paid as a copywriter besides providing good content. There might be times when clients want something explicitly written to post on social media or maybe even translate specific articles into different languages like Spanish or French. And knowing how to present information engagingly is essential, especially if the content needs to be proofreading or edited after it’s written. Content marketing won’t always work if the content isn’t relevant, so writers need the right kind of imagination when working with clients and coming up with just the correct type of content for their audiences.

The benefits and drawbacks of the job as a writer or editor

Working as a content marketer does have plenty of perks, but writers also need to be prepared for the long hours that are often involved in getting content done. As a result of this, content marketers must always be on top of their game to manage time. Mistakes can cost money and lose clients too, so managing stress is another skill all content marketers should learn before starting full-time in this field.

There’s more than just writing blog posts or articles when working with content marketing strategy. Editors are vital to the project’s completion, and good communication skills can help content writer collaborate with others.

In Conclusion

If you’re looking for a business opportunity to generate high earnings, content marketing could be the perfect fit. The average content writer salary in this field is around $50,000, and it is likely to rise as more people shift their focus from traditional to online advertising. You don’t need any special training or degrees either; just some basic knowledge of creating engaging content will do.

This blog has given you all sorts of information on what exactly it takes, and we’ve even shared our favorite resources where you can find everything needed, like topics, tools, and templates. With these skills, your potential earning power skyrockets! Why not give yourself an edge by learning now? What are you waiting for?

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