7 Ways to Increase Your Productivity While Working from Home

Working from home is becoming more and more common these days. With more freelancers and people who work from home, it’s safe to say that there has been a rise in work-from-home jobs.

What about those who already work from home? How can you make the most of your time?

Here are some tips to help you double your productivity when you work from home.

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Make Your Workspace

Set up a work area that works for you. It’s essential to find an office space that works well for your work. Work better if you are in a quiet place. This will help you stay more productive.

If you need more stimulation, look for a room with natural light and a view to helping you get going.

Alternatively, if you prefer to work alone at home, you could set up a separate workspace in your home where you can close the door and focus on your work.

The time difference between where you live and where your business is should also be considered when you work from home.

Suppose there is an eight-hour time difference between the two places. If your company starts at 8 AM EST or 1 PM PST, you should work from 7 AM PST to 3 PM PT, so you don’t miss any time.

However, it’s essential to keep in mind that physical activity is necessary for good health and well-being. People who work at their desks should try to take five-minute breaks every hour or so. They could go outside or walk around the block to get some fresh air.

People who spend a lot of time in front of screens get tired of them, giving them something else to look at.

Get Used to Remote Work

There are a few things you should get used to before you start working from home, such as:

  • Be Still – You might move around in your chair or try to clean up the house while you’re on the phone. Try not to be tempted by this and stay focused on the task that needs to be done.
  • Grab a quick bite – if you’re hungry, get something to eat without taking too much time off from your work.
  • Set boundaries for your office space – Make a place where you can work and keep as many distractions as far away as possible (think TV or kitchen).
  • Create a schedule – You should pay attention to this if you have kids who might interrupt your workday. Make it clear to others that your time slots aren’t going to change, even if you have to stop for something.

Invest in Productivity Tools

Many tools can help you be more productive and focused when you work from home, and they all work together.

There are a few to think about:

  • Use a timer, such as Pomodoro to divide your day into manageable chunks and concentrate on one task at a time.
  • Make a work schedule for the week ahead of time so you know when and where to focus your efforts.
  • Purchase office supplies like sticky notes and pens.
  • Maintain a clean desk with few distractions, such as your computer screen or phone.
  • Work in an area with a lot of natural light, such as your kitchen table or front porch.
  • Consider getting a desk instead of sitting at the kitchen table all day!

Prioritize Your Most Difficult Tasks

It would be best to start with the most challenging tasks when you work from home. There are a lot of tasks that aren’t fun or quick to do, but this will help you get them done while they’re still in your head.

One of the best things about working from home is setting your own pace and working when you want.

Make a list of what you need to do before you start. When you work from home, another way to be more productive is to get rid of these things to boost productivity and happiness.

It’s also important to set aside some time for yourself during the day. If something needs more than an hour or two of work, think about whether it should be done online or in-person later when your brain has a break from staring at a screen.

working from home

Learn to Be More Efficient in General

When you work from home, the first thing you should do to double your productivity is to learn how to be more efficient in general. People should figure out what works best for them and use that knowledge to their advantage.

Then, think about when you are most productive, what would make you less distracted, and what you like about your workspace.

It would be good to think about buying tools that will help you be more productive.

Tools like call management software or office software can help keep track of all the calls and tasks that need to be done during the day.

It’s important to know what works best for you to make your work-from-home experience unique.

Set a Schedule

One of the best ways to stay on task when you work from home is to make a schedule for yourself.

Keep your day organized in a way that will help you get the most out of your time. Work for 10 minutes, then take a five-minute break.

If you do this, you’ll be able to stay on task and keep your workflow in order.


This may seem like common sense, but it’s easy to get into the habit of doing what you want when you want to do it.

Plan your day and set aside time for each task. The best way to stay on track and be more productive is to plan.

Working from home is a great way to double your productivity. While it may seem hard at first, there are some easy ways to do it.

Find a workspace that won’t be a distraction, learn how to use apps to stay on top of your tasks, or figure out how to be more efficient in general. These seven simple tips will help you get there.

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