5 Computer Environment Programming and Writing

During the day, I work as a software engineer for an outsourcing company on a computer with Windows on it. However, at night, I work on my website by myself with a personal M1 MacBook Pro. My software/computer environment programming for these operating systems is shown here. These are the ones I use most often in my daily life.

Let’s start with the essential apps.

Computer Environment Programming

1. Programming Environment – Chrome Browser

Yeah, that’s true. You will say that it’s a spy who uses my personal information to show me ads and use Google products to make money from me. But when compared to other browsers, Chrome is a long way off from them all.

Brave is a fast browser, but I had many problems with synchronization between all of my devices. None of the things it comes with have their password manager on them yet. On the iPhone, it has an Apple keychain. And I wouldn’t say I like the orange button that I can’t get rid of from the toolbar.

People who write programs have a lot of problems with Safari, and for me, as a programmer, it’s hard to figure out how to fix things in this browser. Safari is the second Internet Explorer. I even wrote a piece about it.

Firefox is safe, stable, and has a great design! I even want to use it. But it takes a long time. Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine is excellent. It’s a Mona Lisa that works on all kinds of things! Chrome with the V8 engine is about 35% faster than Firefox when it runs on the web. That’s important to me.

Google Chrome is the best browser for programmers and people who want to use it. You can, however, try to make Chromium. It’s an open-source version of Chrome that doesn’t have Google services.

2. Password Manager – Bitwarden

Google Chrome has a built-in password manager, but it rarely asks me to make random passwords when signing up for an account. The passwords for each site are different, so you should know that you have to use different ones.

But if you do this with Chrome’s password manager, it takes too many steps, especially if you register outside of Chrome. If you want to eliminate all your password problems, you need a password manager. Great, too!

It’s free and works with all of the most popular operating systems. On the iPhone, it’s so easy to switch the default keychain with Bitwarden, so Bitwarden will ask you to paste your credentials like a native manager would do.

1password or LastPass may also be good, but I haven’t tried them. They may also be suitable.

3. Computer Environment Programming for Note – Apple Notes

Apple Notes is very fast on Apple devices and has all the features I need. If only it worked on Windows, I’d switch to the Apple Notes app all the time. However, I use it for everything except my 9–5 job. I use Microsoft’s OneNote to keep my notes when I’m at work.

The quick note app is essential for me. For the most part, I open it for a short time, add or change some information, and then close it.

I tried Notion, but I wouldn’t say I liked how long it took to start up for me. A blank screen will appear after 5–6 hours even if the app is open. It will take time to load again.

There are at least two things that OneNote does well. It opens quickly and stays in memory without problems.

Please tell me about a program like Apple Note that works on Windows, Macs, and iOS with the same speed. There is a good chance that Apple will make a native app for Windows in the future.

4. Text Editor – VS Code + Sublime Text

It’s a never-ending debate about which code editor or IDE is the best for writing code. WebStorm is on my work laptop, and VS Code is on my computer. For me, VS Code is enough to work on any project.

Surprised, VS Code is a good choice for developers and people who write about technical things like how things work.

Besides, why do I need to use Sublime Text?

There are so many plugins for Sublime Text that it can do almost anything you want. A lot faster than VS Code. That’s why I use it to look at and change separate files.

5. Window Manager – Rectangle (MacOS)

A window manager is a program that aids in the management of your windows. It gives you the ability to control how they are displayed and behave.

Windows is very good at dealing with windows from the start. Mac OS, for some reason, doesn’t have this. Then, you’ll need a separate app, and I’d recommend Rectangle for that.

I have been when I use Rectangle as a window manager for the last few years. It is simple, light, and quick. Because it is also very stable and reliable, I have also found it a good choice.

One of the things I like best about Rectangle is how simple it is. There aren’t any fancy graphics or animations, just simple and easy-to-use features. It’s great for people who want a simple window manager that doesn’t have a lot of extra features.

Computer Environment Programming

That’s all. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments below. 🙂

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