4 Online Hacking Games: Learn The Basics

Anyone with a computer and Internet access can do amazing things. These are Hacking games you can play online to learn how to start.

Hacking Isn’t Always a Crime.

Let me show you.

“Hacker” is a word that usually has a bad connotation. But there are some exceptions to this rule, and they are scarce. If we dig a little bit more, all kinds of hackers who don’t do bad things can be found. Because of this, they can help.

Hacking Games

Anonymous would be an excellent example of this. If you haven’t heard of them:

Anonymous is a decentralized international activist- and hacktivist collective and movement best known for its various cyberattacks on governments, government institutions and agencies, corporations, and the Church of Scientology.

During the war in Ukraine just a few days ago, an Anonymous hacking group called for a “Cyber War” against Russia, which is what they did. During just a few days, they were able to leak the information of critical Russian officials, break their websites, and even hack all of the major Russian TV channels to show people how this war was going to happen. If you didn’t know, people in Russia heard a very different story about what was going on. They think they are helping the people of Ukraine. Anyway…

The fact that a person who knows how to use computers can do amazing things is clear. So even if you change the course of a war. There are also ethical hackers, white-hat hackers, hacktivists, and so on, and the list goes on. Because they are good at what they do, none want to hurt anyone.

If you’re a good programmer, you already know how to get data from a different computer or system. At the same time, there are essential parts of programming that most people don’t spend a lot of time on. Are you looking for a fun way to learn how to hack? This list has some great online resources or games that might help, like this one. There’s a good chance that they won’t make you a professional hacker right away, but they can make you curious and give you a good foundation. And I think that most people who start need the same thing.

1. Hacking Games – Hack The Box

Hacking Games

This website will be the first one on my list because I love everything about it. This website gives you free access to their Hacking Academy, which has lessons and paths to take, challenges for all levels, communities, resources, and a lot more for free. A lot of what you need can be found at this place, and you can learn the basics without losing your enthusiasm for the subject.

They say they’re a vast hacking playground, but I think Hack The Box is so much more than that. A good source for anyone who is even a little interested in cybersecurity and wants to know what all the fuss is about.

2. Hacking Games – Untrusted

Hacking Games

Another great game is based on the Mafia, and it’s played online. Because it’s just a game, but it’s enjoyable! I also think you should join their Discord server, where you have a lot of chances to meet people who share your interests.

3. Hacking Games – Hack This Site

Hacking Games

If you want to learn how to hack, there are websites like HackThisSite that have been around since 2003, where you can learn how to do it for free. Here, you won’t find games with slick interfaces or games that look good. But they are known for having a lot of valuable materials and a great community (IRC, Discord, and forums).

People who are entirely new to the game will enjoy the “basic missions” games. Those who are more skilled will find their more realistic missions challenging and rewarding.

4. Hacking Games – PicoCTF

Hacking Games

This isn’t just about knowing how to write code in a specific language. It’s also about having a certain mindset.

Computer security experts made PicoCTF at Carnegie Mellon University, which made it. And even though it’s for kids, I think anyone interested in cybersecurity will enjoy their interactive content and fun cybersecurity games. As a bonus, you’ll start to feel like a programmer and become better at coming up with creative solutions.

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