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11 Social Media Optimization Tactics to Build Your Brand


The social media landscape is constantly changing. Social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter update their algorithms to prioritize content that will generate the most engagement. Brands of all sizes need to stay current with social media optimization tactics.

social media optimization
Social Media Marketing

This blog post will outline 11 social media optimizations you can put in place today to build your brand and grow your following.

1. Choose A Social Media Platform And Post Consistently

Brands need to have a social media presence across the board. It’s important to choose one social network and commit time every day or week to posting content. Once you’ve chosen your social platform, post consistently so that followers know they can always expect new content from you when they log in.

A few resources for finding inspiration are Buzzsumo, Quora, Google Trends, Instagram Insights Tool (only available if your account is verified), Facebook Analytics App (only available with Pages).

For example, “Everyday Health” posts three times per weekday morning at around 11:00 am EST and publishes an article on their website each evening at approximately five o’clock PM EST. This seems like a good strategy to follow.

2. Create A Social Media Management Plan

The management plan is the social media optimization tactic to use if you manage your company’s social media.

When creating a social media management plan, first identify what goals you want to accomplish with social media. Next, create strategies specific to those goals and map them out in a time-based calendar or chart.

Once this is done, determine who will be responsible for executing each strategy (e.g., customer service) so that it can get scheduled into their workflow on an ongoing basis. This way, they won’t neglect social marketing tasks because of other obligations like calls/emails from customers or meetings about sales plans.

3. Establish Your Brand Voice On Social Media

Another social media optimization tactic to consider is establishing your brand voice on social.

To do this, first, create a social media strategy that identifies what you want to achieve with it. Then, develop an internal process for how social media should be used at the company and establish guidelines around the tone of voice (e.g., friendly or professional) and posting frequency (daily? weekly?).

Lastly, identify who will manage social outreach from within the organization to avoid disconnect in communication.

4. Post Quality Content That Is Relevant To Your Brand Or Industry

The social media optimization tactic to use if you want to post quality content is posting relevant content that will be of interest to your followers.

To find what kind of posts are liked and shared the most on social, we recommend looking at industry stats from sites like Statista, Compete or Hootsuite Pro for past data about social engagement with a specific topic and make sure it aligns with your goals.

5. Get Feedback From Followers And Customers To Improve Your Content Strategy

Social media optimization tactic to use social feedback is social listening tools like social monitoring programs, Google Alerts, or competitor analysis.

With social listening tools, it’s possible to track what people are saying about your brand and respond accordingly by thanking them for being a customer or noting their product’s issues.

You can also use social listening software as part of competitive research – for example, checking in on your competitors’ content strategy. Hence, you know how best to build up your following.

This way, you’re not wasting time posting irrelevant content that no one cares about when there might be an opportunity out there waiting just around the corner.

6. Use Hashtags To Help Grow Your Following And Engagement With Others In The Community

Another social media optimization tactic to consider is using hashtags.

Hashtags are words or phrases that categorize content, making it easy for others in the social community to find your posts if they’re searching for a topic of interest and want more information on it. Hashtags act as keywords/categorization tools when people search through social networks like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or other social sites.

Anyone can post their thoughts and opinions about whatever’s trending at the moment.

For example: by posting “I’m thinking about starting my own business” with #entrepreneur under an image you created specifically related to entrepreneurship (e.g., handmade jewelry) on Instagram – this makes these two pieces of relevant data easier for those who might be interested in starting their own business to find.

7. Have A Call-to-action Button At The End Of Every Post, So People Know What To Do Next

The social media optimization tactic to use if you want people to take action is by including a call-to-action at the end of every post.

For example: “Download our white paper” or “Contact us now for more information.” This way, it’s easy for readers who might be interested in what they read (e.g., social media marketing) but not ready to make an immediate purchase, click on a link and follow through with your request without having to go back into their browser history looking for something else that interests them like social content from other brands.

A social media optimization strategy can help businesses build up their following organically, which will lead to stronger customer loyalty than any traditional advertising methods could provide alone. In the social media age, it’s important to have a social media optimization strategy in place for your business.

8. Share Photos Of Happy Customers Enjoying Their Purchases Or Visit Your Store

A social media optimization tactic to use if you want to encourage your followers is by posting photos of happy customers or visits to the premises.

For example: “This week at bakery XYZ, we’ll be celebrating our 25th anniversary with a special offer on all pastries.”

This way, social users who are interested in finding out what’s happening this week in their city can see that there’s an event coming up and have time to plan accordingly. The social user may even decide not only to attend but also post about it on social networks leading other potential attendees for more people to see posts from these venues.

9. Monitor What Other People Are Saying About You Or Your Company Online So That You Can Respond Quickly And Appropriately, If Necessary 

The social media optimization strategy to be proactive in dealing with negative comments or feedback is by monitoring what other people are saying on social networks about your company.

For example: “We just found out that our product contains gluten, and we’re happy to let everyone know how they can get a full refund.”

This way, the social user looking for gluten-free food options will see this information and might give the company another chance knowing they responded quickly when notified of their mistake, even though it takes time away from promoting new content.

Monitoring social channels like Twitter is one way businesses make sure users have questions answered before they turn elsewhere – so don’t forget to keep an eye on these platforms because there are opportunities to engage with social users who may not otherwise contact you on social media.

10. Consider Hiring Someone To Manage All Of This For You – It Will Save Time In The Long Run

The social media optimization strategy to use if you want someone else to take care of this for you is by hiring an expert social media manager. The person can be a freelancer or full-time staff member, depending on the size and needs of your company.

For example: “We found it was difficult to keep up with all our social accounts 24/hours a day – so we hired Emily as our social media manager!”

This way, social users looking for ways to get more followers will see this post and might inquire about becoming social managers themselves for them (and their employer) not to worry about keeping up with social media networks anymore.

A qualified professional may charge between $30 and $50 per social media post or more depending on their experience and say.

11. Respond Quickly To Comments And Messages From Followers

A social media optimization strategy for your company to respond and provide customer service quickly is by using an online social management tool.

This way, social users who want a reply from you before they give up on messaging or commenting will get the response they need right away without having to wait days or weeks.

The social user may be satisfied and post about their experience with the company if it’s positive.

Additionally, this type of software can help stay organized so that employees know what needs updating when new content posts are scheduled and which brands have been shared recently for social users interested in them.

The cost starts at $25 per month – worth considering if time spent managing social channels outweighs any money made from social media.

In Conclusion

Use these tips to build your brand on social media. What are you waiting for? Start today.

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