11 Copywriter Interview Questions to Find out if they’re Worth Hiring

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Do you need to hire a copywriter? Before you post your job opening, there are questions that you should be asking any potential candidate. To help, I’ve compiled 11 questions that will give you some insight into what they can do for your company and whether or not they’re worth hiring.

questions to ask copywriter interview

1. What Makes You Want to Be a Copywriter?

Say you believe in writing content that sells and drives readers/visitors to take action. Now, imagine you can do this for a living. What would make you want to be hired?

An example of a response: “If I can work closely with your company and learn what you’re about, then it will be an amazing experience to help grow the brand. It’s why I want to join.”

Hiring questions: Do they understand that copywriting isn’t just writing randomly? The writer needs to know who their audience is and how best to target them through storytelling. If there’s no connection here, don’t hire them!

2. How Long Have You Been Working in This Field?

An example of a response: “I have been working in this field for six years, but I’ve worked with other companies before. Some are even considered well-known.”

Hiring questions: It is important to know when you’re hiring someone to write content about your brand/business because they need to understand the culture and how best to communicate. If there isn’t any previous work history or experience, don’t hire them!

However, go ahead if you want a successful writer with experience (examples should include links). Just make sure their skills match what you’re looking for–in terms of industry knowledge and tone of voice. Otherwise, it may not be the best fit.

3. Do You Write Blog Posts and Other Content?

An example of a response: “Yes, I’ve written blog posts before. They’re usually about the same topics–how to get things done.”

Hiring questions: You need someone who can write engaging and exciting content for your audience! If they aren’t writing pieces relevant to what you do (or in an industry-related field), don’t hire them.

Such questions are vital when writing good copywriting for any business or product/service because the tone of voice must be consistent across all platforms. If you want them to write on social media, ask questions like Facebook Marketing Tips for Small Businesses. A test run is another great way to see if they’re right for your content. Ask questions or create an assignment where they write something similar to what you need and then review it!

4. What Do You Think Makes Great Content?

An example of a response: “Great content needs to be both informative and engaging. I think too many online posts are just about being entertaining, but they forget that there should always be an educational aspect.”

Hiring questions: Asking this question is crucial because it shows whether or not your copywriter can create exciting content without sacrificing quality for entertainment’s sake. The best type of marketing/content is when the reader gets something out of it–not if they enjoyed reading what you wrote! If they don’t understand why good writing matters in business, don’t hire them!

5. How Do You Target Specific Audiences With Content?

An example of a response: “I always start with my audience in mind. It’s important to figure out who they are, how best to communicate with them through tone of voice and what they want.”

Hiring questions: This is another good question that allows you to determine if the person is willing to put in effort when writing content for your business/brand because it takes time! They need to understand their target market well enough so anything written about them will be successful (i.e., drive traffic or provide value without being too sales-y). If there isn’t any research behind the copywriting provided by this candidate, don’t hire them!

It would be best to ask questions around where they get ideas for articles–such as their knowledge, questions from the audience, or another source like an industry expert. It shows that they’re able to do research and get ideas when needed.

6. Will You Finish a Piece of Writing That’s Been Assigned to You?

An example of a response: “Yes, I will always finish what’s assigned to me if it isn’t finished by the deadline. However, if there are extenuating circumstances that prevent me from finishing an assignment, then I’ll let you know.”

Hiring questions: The worst is when someone starts writing something for your company and never comes back to complete their work! It shows a lack of follow-through, so don’t hire them because this could be problematic in future projects/assignments. Don’t hire them if they cannot commit fully or prioritize any existing project before starting new ones!

If there aren’t deadlines set out at the beginning with clear expectations about how long each piece should take, then ask questions around specific examples of projects they’ve worked on and how long it took them to complete each one. A good answer would be something like: “I always get my work done within the deadline given unless there is an emergency or I’m ill.”

7. What Kind of Content Did You Create Before?

An example of a response: “I’ve created blog posts, social media images, and videos before. I’m great at coming up with ideas for content–that’s the easy part!”

Hiring questions: The best type of copywriter is someone who can handle all different kinds of tasks when it comes to creating online content (or any other project you assign them). They should be able to develop engaging/valuable pieces that fit within your niche, and they’re not afraid to learn new technologies to get there! If their resume doesn’t show experience or this question causes hesitation, don’t hire them because they likely won’t be successful.

If candidates can’t answer questions around how long each piece takes them, then ask questions about what content they create for fun. Do they read online articles every day? What do they like to share on social media? This person must fit well within your company culture, so asking questions about their interests is an excellent place to start!

8. What Is Your Strategy for on-page SEO?

An example of a response: “Well, I start by reading your website’s content and understanding what you’re trying to communicate with each piece. Then, I research keywords that are valuable for that specific page.”

Hiring questions: All copywriters should have an on-page SEO strategy when they begin working because it helps the content rank better organically! If a candidate doesn’t know anything about this or its importance, then don’t hire them–they won’t be good at their job!

For questions like these, ask questions around actual examples from past experiences. Also, consider asking questions based on any concerns you might have heard through word-of-mouth feedback from other business owners who’ve previously hired someone with this job title.

9. Do You Know How to Generate Leads and Create Sales Funnels?

An example of a response: “Yes! I can help your business create compelling copy that will make people want to buy your product or service.”

Hiring questions: You need someone who can turn website visitors into leads/sales–so it’s essential for this person to know how to do that. If they aren’t confident about their abilities, don’t hire them because you’re looking for results, no false promises!

Questions around examples are always good but asking questions specifically around generating leads could be beneficial too. For instance, ask questions like what types of content would be relevant on each stage of the lead generation process, e.g., social media posts, blog articles, etc. It shows that the candidate can create content for different stages of a marketing funnel.

10. What Makes a Copywriter Different From a Content Writer?

An example of a response: “A copywriter is someone who focuses on selling and marketing your business, while a content writer provides informative/educational pieces.”

Hiring questions: The best type of copywriters are the ones that can do both–sell and educate. They need to understand what works in sales-based writing because they should provide lots of value with their work! If this candidate doesn’t know anything about educational or sales-based writing, don’t hire them because they won’t fulfill all your needs within the role!

Questions around examples from past experiences help but asking questions specifically around educational vs. sales copy could be beneficial too. For instance, ask questions like what types of blog posts would be relevant on each sale funnel stage, e.g., questions to ask copywriter interview, list posts, etc. Again, this helps show that the candidate knows their stuff and understands what works for different stages!

11. Do You Have Any Experience With the WordPress Platform? What Blogging Platform/software Program Can You Work With?

An example of a response: “I’ve used the WordPress platform before, and I know how to work with Ghost.”

Hiring questions: You need someone that can use your blogging or content management system because it helps if they already have experience! A good copywriter knows their software very well, so ask questions about past experiences using these programs, e.g., what blogging systems/software do you usually use? What is straightforward about this program compared to others on the market etc. It shows that they are familiar with technology, which will benefit them when working within an agency environment.

Again, questions around examples from past experiences help, but asking questions specifically around familiarity with different blog platforms could also be helpful. For instance, questions like what blogging or content management systems do you usually use? What is straightforward about this program compared to others on the market etc. It shows that they are familiar with technology, which will benefit them when working within an agency environment.

In Conclusion

You are now equipped with the essential copywriting interview questions to help you land your next great opportunity. These expert tips for interviews will guide you on answering these tough copywriting job interview questions and provide some of the best advice from my team of professional writers. Next time someone asks you, “What is a good headline?” or “How do I write an article outline?” refer them to this blog post!

I hope that I have been able to teach you everything about interviewing as a writer so that if the perfect writing position comes up, you can confidently nail it. Now go out and find your dream job in one of today’s top industries!

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